Thursday, October 4, 2012

13th International Moscow Balloon Festival

25th- 28th September saw the 13th International Moscow Balloon Festival.

Wow, I cannot believe that it was the 13th Moscow Balloon Festival this year! And although I did not attend this time, I have attended a number of the festivals over the past 13 years my first being in 2002! Each and every year I am amazed and dazzled by the balloon artistry and skills that are shown at this event by the many very talented balloon artists! 

A huge thank you to John Bowler (hubby) who did attend the festival representing Conwin. John took these great photographs and has kindly shared them with me so that I can show you some of the amazing balloon art entered into this years competitions!

This years competition categories were:
Big Balloon Sculpture - 'Big Space Adventure'
Small Sculptural Form - Christmas
Dresses made from balloons - theme Russian Clothes 
I am afraid that I do not know who made all of the designs but I will endeavour to find out and add their names to each of the designs when I do.

Big Balloon Sculptures - 'Big Space Adventure'

Bride & Groom from another planet visit Paris! - By Irina Lobanova and team!

Bride & Groom from another planet visit Paris! - By Irina Lobanova and team

Small Sculptural Form - Christmas

By Irina Lobanova 

By Irina Lobanova 

Dresses made from balloons - 
Russian Clothes 

By Irina Lobanova 

Azusa Leizumi CBA, represented Qualatex and taught 3 great classes. 

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Balloon Costumes for children 

Azusa & Akane

It is so very inspiring to see balloon art from different events and countries, a huge congratulations to all those who entered the competitions!

If you are planning to attend WBC 2014, I urge you to consider entering at least one competition! It will really help you to develop your design skills, and you will be amazed how rewarding it is to actually take part in a competition... competitions are not about winning, they are a personal challenge and just the best opportunity to showcase a design that you have created!

Happy Ballooning!



Imran Khan said...

Wow you'll got some awesome pictures there !

Agnes Bikie said...

Great pictures! I am looking for dvds that teaches how to make balloon dolls. I see them mostly in russian website...any advice or idea?