Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Christmas Candle - a beautiful design with balloons.

A last minute idea for Christmas!

I got a sudden urge to make this design yesterday! I love Qualatex Microfoil Taper balloons and thought that they would make the perfect candle arrangements.

Sue Bowler

Materials Used:
  • 1 x 27" Orange Taper 33125
  • 18 x 5" Gold Balloons 43560
  • 2 x 260Q Gold 80343
  • 2 x 160Q Gold 62600
  • 1 x 260Q Pearl White 43954
Base with a 24" pole

Method of construction:
  • Make a 4-balloon cluster at the base using 5" Gold inflated to 4" or 3 pumps using a Qualatex hand pump.
  • Inflate 2 additional 5" gold and inflate these also to 4" but tie them separately, these will be added in after the next cluster.
  • Inflate a 4-balloon cluster using 5" Gold to 3" or 2 pumps using a Qualatex hand pump, add this cluster to the base cluster.
  • Take the 2 additional 5" inflated to 4" and ties these together, but as far apart as possible, so that there is some stretch between the 2 balloons and slide this 'duplet' between the 4 balloon cluster at the base.
  • Inflate the 260Q's and 160Q's and ties these as duplets (I have used 2 of each size because I like the effect that this makes when they are twisted around the pole. Secure the 'Q' duplets into the base cluster and then twist these around the poles almost to the top, secure and tie off each of the balloons.
  • Repeat the same 2 4-balloon clusters as the base and position these at the top.
  • Part inflate the 260Q Pearl White and tie. Create a 'String of Pearl' bubbles and wrap this around one of the spirals... following the same line and secure at the base and the top.
  • Finally air-inflate the 27" Taper and secure that at the top to create the flame of the candle.

You could make larger versions of this using a taller pole and base and the 38" Taper.

Colin Myles made a great pole & base free version using a 646Q balloon instead of the wrapped 160Q & 260Q's around a pole and base, this design was featured in Images Oct/Nov/Dec 2010. The design was names 'Unity' Candle... very beautiful!

I hope you have enjoyed the designs that I have shared with you this year and have had the opportunity to use some of them?

I am very much looking forward to see all the new Qualatex balloons for 2013 and bringing you more exciting designs and ideas!

If you have any comments or feedback I would love to hear from you, please email me or leave a message at the end if this blog!

Happy Ballooning!

Sue xo

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