About Me

Hi, my name is Sue Bowler, a few of you may remember when I was known as Sue Marston-Weston.

I discovered balloons in 1990 when I was looking to start up a home based business, and I came across 'balloon's by chance!
I can honestly say that for the first 4 years or so I was very much a beginner. I really did not understand what I needed to do to make my business financially successful as well as a much loved passion.

I made 3 very important steps that turned my company from a hobby to a financially successful business.

1. Joined the QBN network and became a CBA.

2. Attended my first of many balloon conventions/events.
I cannot really describe in words how beneficial attending an event or convention is to grow your confidence and really stimulate you and in turn your business. You meet so many great people from around the world, people who will become good friends and advisors when you need help!

3. Entered as many industry competitions as I could. 
Entering competitions offered me so much! Firstly a huge challenge, months of designing and creating, coming up with new ideas.
The opportunity to shine, a great way to get noticed especially if you want to become an instructor yourself!

Balloon Lamp Sculpture
Lamp Sculpture - Inspired by Tiffany,
created by Sue Bowler CBA
All 3 of these played a very important part of my  business's development and personally as a balloon art designer.

Until recently I was an industry educator, I am a qualified 'teacher' and I love to create and share designs, idea's and my balloon passion with others. Check out my website and Instagram page.

I now have a new role in the balloon industry. After many years of teaching and traveling,  I now help with running a Industry trade organisation called BAPIA (the Balloon and Party Industry Alliance) with my husband John, where we offer our members many fabulous benefits that help them to run their businesses professionally and successfully. This is currently a UK only based business.

I hope you enjoy my blog and would be happy to receive any feedback and or comments.

Best regards

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