Thursday, July 7, 2011

Balloon Spiral Column Number design - Step-by-Step recipe

I really love the new Qualatex Number Shape Microfoil balloons! I want to share with you a really fun and easy to make column that I made using the 'candy' spiral technique, topped with a number balloon it makes perfect birthday decor and a great way to display the Number Shapes in your store windows!

What are you waiting for, make one today!
If you would like to know step-by-step how to make this great design simply click on the clip below.

Why not try this design using one of the many other Qualatex printed latex balloons, you will be surprised how different it looks just by simply changing the print or colour!

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Elaine May said...

Love this Sue, I have experimented with it today, as helium is getting low here in Portugal as well. How do you attach the large number to the main column and get it to stay upright when filled with air though?