Thursday, August 11, 2011

Benefits of Business Cards as a Marketing Tool - Update

After publishing yesterdays blog 'Benefits of Business Cards as a Marketing Tool', I have received some great business cards and comments from you! There are some truly great suggestions and idea's.

I have learned so much about business cards in the past few days and how very important they are as a business marketing tool. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the contributors to this article.

David Taylor from New South Wales, Australia, says "Just wanted to add my two cents if that is OK.

1) also make sure that you have a decent quality, thick cardstock for your card. It is more expensive, but again, it adds to the professional image of your business.

2) like you I do not have any balloons on my business card. I have squares."

Aaron here from Singapore.

From you blog, I decides to share my name card with fellowmate ...


All namecard are design by myself as I want my name card to be out stand from other balloon decorator/twister/retailers...

I want a namecard that with just a simple glimpse it know what we are dealing...I them to see lots of things and know that we are in balloon business.

Colorful name card is one of the condition to capture my customers' attention...

Secondly, pictures shows a thousand words and it tell them what we are dealing.. well you get what I am saying after you see my name card...

In my name card I also states what services we are dealing so people get the idea and know who and what to look for when they going thru your name card..

name card stock is important too.. my name card is 300gsm and its think with offset printing compare to digital print and I make use all the space i have on the name card to
tell my client what I am selling...

Quality of namecard is important as it shows your status of your profession...

Aaron Chee
Creative Art Designer / Trainer
Qualatex - C.B.A
(Certified Balloon Artist)
Balloon Artist, Entertainer,

Matthew Lewis, Coventry, UK. has 2 company names offering specific services and has different business cards that clearly defines each business. This allows him to target specific markets and customers.

Hey Sue
I'm enjoying your blog -

Attached is my business card,  thought I would share -- my logo works great on my vehicles, T-shirts and banners too.

Readability is 'sooo' important...and when I go to conventions I'm 'sooo' surprised when people are still printing their own on the perforated cardstock....thanks for sharing the info you do on your blog!  That was one of the keys I hit on in Class at FLOAT last year, was letting people know when you go to Market and Network you want to have professional looking cards...

Joette Giardina, Certified Balloon Artist
Creating Memorable Celebrations
Recent events 

Jolanda & Tibor - Party Bord, Netherlands,
Hi Sue,

Read you blog about presenting yourself to clients, a.o. with the
'right' business card.

Attached our business cards (of both Tibor and myself). This is a design of a few years back. As our business is not only
ballondecoration (also inflatables, bouncy castles, party goods etc.) We had to come up with a design that represents 'party', and when people think of 'party', they think about balloons and (in Holland)
flagbanners, right?

The orange flagbanners in our design are very recognizeable because of
their rigid shape. The diagonal flagbanners also 'protect' our website photo's against copying (of course clients compare prices. This way our logo is in the picture :) ).

At the bottom of the attached card is in text what we do: inflatables
- flagbanners - balloons - Helium - bouncy castles - light & sound.

We are planning to design new cards, just with balloons. Our business
is shifting towards balloon decoration (instead of inflatables, as
there are more and more rental companies rising). Also the balloon
business is where we can excel and specialize ourselves, plus: many
location managers and catering companies are not interested in
inflatables and other rental stuff.

Nina Dee's of 'Deesigns Balloon Creations' CA, USA says "Being also in graphics, I esp liked your comments on DIY business cards: a personal sore spot with me & the folks in this industry! So thanks.
Attached is a copy of my balloon business card that I am quite happy with. It relies on the marketing tenet that people like to do business with people they know, hence my photo. If they don't know me to start with, they will after looking at this a few times. And it shows a plethora of balloons which supplies plenty of color. I also use my signature font which brands all my marketing materials, and has plenty of white space so is comfortable to look at. It is printed on heavy weight gloss stock so feels substantial to the touch. 

Denisse Sanchez - Deco Inn, Puebla, shares her great business card... I love pink!

Thank you again everyone for your input, I am truly inspired by the diverse range of business cards shown here, I look forward to seeing some great business cards when I meet you at future events!

Happy Ballooning!


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