Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Very Best Balloon Store - Retail Sales Tips 1.

Welcome to the Very Best Balloon Store! 

I would like to share with you on a weekly basis some retail sales tips and idea's that you may find useful and effective within your own stores, try them out and let me know if they worked for you? How about sharing some of your best sales tips too, I would love to feature them and credit you for your idea's!

As a retailer we need to find different ways to ensure that we have made the best possible sales opportunity with each and every customer who enters our stores:

I would like to start with two very simple sales tips, if you do not already do this have a go today and train your staff to do the same.

1. Each and every time someone purchases an item, the person serving should ask
"Did you find everything that you were looking for today?"  
Quick, simple and polite. Let's face it, we all from time to time forget what we actually went in a store for, or we just cannot see the item/s that we are looking for.

Think about it, let's say you manage to make an additional $20 worth of sales each day as a result of asking that very simple question.
That in turn could increase your weekly turnover by $120 which would potentially give you additional annual sales of $6,240!

2. "Can I help you?", a very classic question that we are often asked when we are walking around a store. The usual response is "Just looking"!

How about changing the way we approach our customers and ask:
"Hi there, what can I help you look for today?"
Just by simply asking a different question may get a different response and give you the opportunity to open up a conversation and recommend products or services that you are able to offer.

These sales tips are very important within our industry. We have the ability to fulfill our customers needs every time by being able to offer the perfect balloons, bouquets or arrangements custom designed to suit the customers needs.

 These  sales training tips were sourced from  MTD sales training blog.

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