Friday, September 2, 2011

It's September already, what should be we preparing for in the balloon world!

I have just changed  The Very Best Balloon Store window display, I hope that you like it?

Seriously, changing your windows on a regular basis is very important. If there is no up and coming season, such as Halloween, Christmas or Valentines for example, then use this time to show other products and services that you sell.

But with Halloween firmly on the horizon it's time to get those window's refreshed and full of Qualatex Halloween balloons!

Have you seen all the great balloons available for Halloween and Autumn? Have you seen the Qualatex Autumn Collection 2011?
Did you know that you can download these supplement's straight from the Qualatex website? You can use the link above that will take you directly to the right page... but wait a minute, finish reading the blog first!

Have you been checking out the Qualatex Business Booster section, this area is loaded with Bouquet & Decor idea's, along with Sales Tips and an exclusive QBN Members area, there are some very cool idea's for Halloween!

Anyway,  I would like to share one of my window display experiences with you.

Some time ago my sister who owned a florist store asked me to create a window display using balloons, it was during period when there were no specific season any time soon and she wanted to me to create something very different from their usual floral style displays.

I decided to create a themed display using only the Qualatex Smile Face balloons. I used every Smile Face balloon that Qualatex made... Today there are many more versions available and in so many great colours too!
I made a number of different design ideas that filled her windows, from the 5" Smile Face Latex to the 3' giants, it looked amazing, and from the outside every passer-by was greeted with the 'brightest, smiliest fun-filled display'.

Working with one theme or color can create a very strong impact compared to using many different themes.

My story has a great ending! Within 1 day of the Smile Face display being in the window, a customer asked to buy the whole window display, every last balloon that I had used! They had a christening that weekend and they thought that the balloons would be perfect... giving my sisters store a sale (a good one too) that she would never have had!

Window displays are so very important, they are your SILENT SALES Team that never stop working, so make the very best of them!

Do you have any success stories to share from your window displays?

 If you do please send them to and I'll try to feature them, if you have any pictures, that would be great too... but please keep it all Qualatex :)

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