Monday, November 21, 2011

Has attending The Qualatex Event inspired you?

Last week I wrote a blog that gave my own personal summary of  The Qualatex Event. I felt that it would be great to hear what others thought too! So I invited a few delegates and some who also took their CBA exam at the event to share their experiences and maybe a photo or too! A huge thank you to those that responded with a few personal highlights from the weekend!

Lucy Hennessy CBA

I really enjoyed the event it's just a shame I couldn’t fit every class that
I would of liked to have seen, each time you walked along the corridors you were simply stunned by the creations. It was nice to meet old and new friends that all share a passion for balloons. The parties were great fun and the decor fabulous. I can't wait for the next event!

Lucy Hennessy as Miss Piggy with Friends

I'm doing a job on Saturday using the new Minnie & Mickey mouse designs that
were sitting in the corridor ( not sure who created them) and  have also
taken an idea from Fiona Fishers class on foil numbers and adapted it for
the same job increasing the clients original order by over £150.

Lucy Hennessy CBA

Soo Wheeler CBA & Paul Webber CBA

When we heard about the Qualatex Event, we were not sure we were able to go due to costs etc, but we are so glad that we decided to go. From the moment we arrived (on the Friday), we felt like we were part of an exclusive family of like-minded balloon mad people. Our work with balloons started straight away as we were helping with creating a piece for the medium balloon sculpture competition. In a way, we are glad that it was non-stop as it gave us a bit of space to NOT think about our CBA exam that was scheduled for the Saturday morning. We were both extremely panicky and nervous about the exam as we had completed our QBN part of the CBA back in 2007 and we brought the dvds with us to enable us to have one last swot before the morning! We didn't get much sleep that Friday and were still up in the early hours of the morning! Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook
Many thanks

Sue & Paul, CBA
Sue &   Paul with Jo Uddin

Sue & Paul With Robbir Furman and Niko Fric

Sue & Paul with me :)

Vicky Wilson CBA - Missy Moo Ltd

OK here are my thoughts!

This was the first event me and mum had attended and had no real objectives except our CBA so the run up to it and first part of the weekend was all about our CBA exam.  It was a great feeling to do it at the event though and made it extra special! 

I came away from the event with a very proud feeling - its hard to describe...  I always used to listen to my husband talk about conferences etc that he had been on with his work, and he used to say that he would always leave them very buoyant and proud to be working for the company he did.  Having never been to a conference etc before, I hadn't experienced this feeling - but certainly have now.  I found the video montage at the gala dinner very moving (and I wasn't even drunk!), it just brought a few tears to my eyes, but left me feeling so excited and pleased to be a part in such a great industry, with such fab, helpful and talented people!  And the fact that really talented people are happy to teach you their tricks of the trade is amazing!

We met some great people, and picked up some good tips - just little things, but stuff that makes your day to day work better!  We learn't some brilliant new designs, which we are already selling your bubble bouncers and are trying out different varieties of them. We are also taking one of Luc's designs and playing around with that too.  However we have lots of ideas for the future, and most of these have come about in some way, shape or form because of the event.

Vicky - Missy Moo

Tony Hanscombe CBA

As someone who has been in the balloon business for some years I wondered if I would find anything of interest and use at the event. As it turned out I needn't have worried as I found several things of interest and some that I am putting into practice, in particular - the decorated numbers, Dee White's belly buddies, Colin Miles ideas for what I call 'bespoke' decor and your giraffe. The whole weekend was very enjoyable and it was nice to meet so many old friends.

All I can hope that is that this becomes a regular event alternating with the Dallas WBC.

A final note from me: 
I know from my own personal experience that attending conventions and events are so inspiring, not only do you learn from some of the best instructors in the world, but you also make friends and contacts, people who will help you when you need advice or even help you out on a job! Your confidence grows and so does your business! Conventions may seem to be costly at the time, but those costs are soon turned in to profit! It is great hearing feedback from those who attend, as an instructor it is even more rewarding when we here how our ideas are being put into practice and making money!!
Picture sent to me by Debbie O.Neill of 'Gerry the Giraffe', a design that I taught at The Qualatex Event... congratulations Debbie, he looks perfect a the Zoo!

If you have never attended a balloon event or convention, then why not make it your 2012 resolution and sign up for the World Balloon Convention, you truly will not regret it!


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