Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ho Ho Ho and all things Santa!

Well, it's that time of year and Christmas is coming... only 26 days away!

11" Santa & Christmas Tree 31012

I thought that this would be the perfect time to give you a little bit of Christmas inspiration! Fill your shops and stores with Santa designs READY TO GO! Let everyone know that you are taking orders for Christmas and that they need to book their Santa today to avoid disappointment! 
Sue Bowler

Here is a Santa that I made a few years ago. He pretty  tall standing about 8' high, so not really a good retail design, but perfect for decor. Make 2 of these and add a Christmas arch in between, great for an entrance or over a stage!

Sue Bowler
I have now created a new version that is shorter, standing approx.5' tall and therefore much easier for someone to get in to their car! Perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels... inexpensive to make but with BIG perceived value! Click on the DVD below to get the step by step instructions.


Step-By Step recipe for 5' Santa. It can be made in about 30-45 minutes depending on what equipment you are working with!

 Here are some other ideas for Christmas...

Sue Bowler
Contemporary Santa 18" 99799

Create these 350Q Santa's, these really do add value to an 18" foil!

Remember... almost anyone can inflate a helium filled balloon and attach it to a ribbon and weight, let's face it, that's what most of our competitors do!
But making up a design like this takes skill and know-how... watch these flying out of your stores!

Don't forget to visit for some great idea's, sales tips and for QBN members a little bit more in the  Christmas Business Booster section!

Premier Balloons Manchester
How about making one of these fantastic Santa Arches made by Kevin Proctor CBA of Premier Balloons, Manchester, UK. His arch uses a very similar technique that I used in my design above, but Kevin has turned it into an arch... I love it, it's fun and it has so much personality!

I asked Kevin if he had any tips to share when making the Santa arch?
Tip 1: As the balloons decrease in size from 11” Ruby Red to 5” Ruby Red, I double stuffed the first two 5” clusters to keep the colour nice and deep for the shade to be as consistent as possible and to disguise the switch from under-inflated 11” to the fully inflated 5”.
Tip 2: The Santa hat bobble is just made from 12 x 5” white (make a mini topiary) to create a nice round bobble for where the hats meet at the top of the arch.

Other than that, I imagine the rest of the design is pretty self explanatory, obviously it can be made taller, arms and legs can be added to the Santa's as well as accessories (belt and buckle, a sack, parcels, candy canes etc etc etc) 
Merry Christmas!

Kevin - Premier Balloons

Don't forget to download all the Seasonal Bouquet Ideas from the Qualatex website to inspire your customers, make up some of the designs READY TO GO and add them  to your On-Counter Design Menu... so easy for your customers to select the arrangements that they want, and don't forget to show the price, customers like to know what they are spending!

So, it's here, the big festive countdown. I hope that you have the best Christmas trading ever!

With seasonal best wishes
22" Bubble A Visit from St. Nicholas 26979

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