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My favorite balloons for 2011... what are yours?

With only a matter of a few weeks before we reach the end of 2011, I have started to reflect on the year that has passed... and oh boy was it quick!

I do not want to dwell on the less positive side of 2011, I think that our daily news reports do that very well and I am certainly not an expert when it comes to politics and economics!

So I thought that I would start this series of blogs reflecting on 'balloons'.
Like many of you, my life revolves around balloons and has done so for the past 20 plus years! I get very excited when I see all the new styles and designs each year and cannot wait to see what I and others can make with each and every one of these balloons!

Our favorite balloons for 2011

So, if someone asked you 'what was your favorite Qualatex balloon for 2011, what would it be and why"? I asked a few of my friends in the industry to help me out with this.

Tope Abulude CBA, Balloon Inspirations says that his best selling balloon for 2011 is:

Minnie Mouse # 27568
"I would say the Mickey & Minnie Mouse bubbles"

Mickey Mouse #27569

"I have made various types of arrangements/sculptures with them, and they have proved to be quite a hit for us this year!  The shaped head makes it possible for me to make simple, inexpensive sculptures for my they get a unique piece of Art that's not available in Clintons (in your face Clintons :p) On the latex side, my customers really like the baby pink and wild berry happy birthday mix and polka dot wild berry":o"

Kevin Proctor CBA, Premier Balloons
Deco Bubble Scroll Filigree # 23593 20"
"Deco bubbles for us!
They're so versatile and work for any occasion or season! None of our competitors do them, they're cheap to us, the floating time is....yonks! They're all so easy to add value to them and they're just so different to a 'normal' balloon!

We use 'decos' a lot in bouquets as well as centrepieces. I'd say polka dot with an 11" inside would be the most popular but its a close call between that and the clear 20" deco with an 11" print inside.
Also....adding to the deco bubble praises, we use a lot in decor as well, great for indoors and out!

Colour of the year - I'd have to say 'bubblegum pink' (I've given it that name) which is a double stuffed jewel magenta with a std white inside, customers go crazy for it - try it, it looks so vibrant and bright!"

Colin Myles CBA, Smiley Balloons

"My favourite just now is the three foot super agate, any colour but preferably all the colours in a room design, I think I am in love with them"!

Enza Mondello CBA, Balloon Express Patti
"My is 11" super agate all colours"!!!!!

Andrey Osokin CBA
My favorite super agate ))
Roses & Butterflies 24" Deco Bubble # 29718

Mike & Sara Harris CBA - For Every Occasion

"Yep, most 'defo' the heart and butterfly deco bubbles for us - you can utilise them in so many ways and they are easy money! Big thumbs up but new designs would be greatly welcomed"!

Big Polka Dot Wild Berry 11"
Renata Fric CBA, Magic D.o.o
'Top seller for us was Polka dots balloons... and the colour wild berry. Great response was on the 24" deco bubble with print, as they really give great effect in the decor, specially as table decor and like Kevin says, they are great for indoors and outdoors, what is specially in a hot summer time very good and you can even deliver them in the van"

Neil Armstrong CBA, Sensational Balloons.
'The new bubble Festive Trees & Snowman has become a big hit with the 11" merry Christmas festive assortment plus also the 24" printed deco bubbles have been very good because you can attach a lot more to them and not worry about them coming down!'
Festive Tree & Snowman # 31851 22"

So now it's my turn, here are my favorites! I have a few actually...
Damask Accent Patterns # 34430 18"
I think that I would have to start with the NEW Diamond Accents™, a little bit of a late runner for 2011 as they did not make the 2011 Qualatex Catalogue, so I think they will feature in my 2012 list too!  For me, these are every designers dream! The shape of the balloon fits so well into a Balloon Bouquet creating beautiful lines, but it's also the strong designs that make them so very special! 
Over the past few months we have seen more and more ways of working with this fantastic shape balloon, especially for air-filled decor! 
Design created by Luc Bertrand CBA
I strongly believe that if you give a group of creative balloon artists a balloon, each person would come up with their own unique concept and way of working with them... and that has to be great for our industry!  Luc Bertrand created this New Year's design using the Qualatex Diamond Expression New Year Sparkle # 27673 18", but this same concept can be used for any of the Diamond Accent balloons. This design can be hung as a mobile that will freely turn with air currents or hung against a back-drop... and they last so long!
My other great favorite this year and I am sure that it will be the same for 2012 too, is the Damask print! I just love it! The combination of the Damask Accent with the Damask Print-A-Round latex, it's elegant and stunning!
Damask Print-A-Round # 31471

The colour Wild Berry has been a huge hit with both balloon artists and the public.
I could continue to list all my 'other' favorites too, I agree with everyone above, the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Double Bubbles have opened up a huge world for us in terms of retail and decor designs. I also 'LOVE' all Deco Bubble's... a balloon artists best friend, visually fantastic, very adaptable, durable and long long lasting!
And of course Big Polks Dots & Super Agates... in every colour :) 

It would be great to hear what your favorite 2011 Qualatex balloons are and why, you can add your comments at the bottom of this blog, we would love to hear from you :)
I am just off to try out Kevin's "Bubblegum' Pink!

Have a great weekend!


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Gill Saker said...

Hey Sue

Thanks for another awesome blog post.

I was wondering...... as you are known for being so creative, do you get given the new designs for free? (to play around with).

I noticed that you're enthusiastic when you see new styles of balloons and you wonder what you can make with them.

I don't carry much stock now days but in my old retail days I would dread new designs and trends - I was more interested in selling the stock sitting on the shelf (that's probably why I ended up closing my shops).

Keep up the good work.


David Saker