Monday, January 2, 2012

Love is in the Air! ... Valentine's Day is one of our biggest trading days of the year!

I Love You Sparkle Filigree # 29347

Valentines Day, is probably one of the biggest balloon selling opportunities that we have. With Christmas over and the new year just starting it's time to starting working on our Valentines campaign! If you do not have the Qualatex 2012 Valentines Collection download it today! Please remember to download the correct brochure for your country, as not all the balloons are available in different countries.

Who are our competitors... florists, the gift, sweetshops and candy stores and not forgetting the card and multiple retailers too! If you have a shop, plan your shop and window displays, these should be changed on a regular basis, changing your display during a seasonal period or campaign such as Valentines could stimulate increased customer footfall and new sales!

Keep your displays fresh, here’s a few tips.

Air- fill latex with nitrogen rather than air for longer lasting balloons. Nitrogen is an inert gas; it is also know as dry air, therefore keeping the balloons plump and full with little or no reaction to temperature change - ideal for window displays!  Did you know that the Dual Split Second Sizer and Duplicator 2 can both be used with nitrogen to air fill balloons, saving you crucial prep time! Another great tip is to use Hi-Float in air-filled balloons that you want to last, such as 160Q & 260Q's that would can lose their plumpness within a few days.

Keep your latex balloons shiny and clear. Work with a product such as Balloon Shine, which helps prevent oxidation.

Use Qualatex Bubbles and Deco Bubbles. These can float for up to 5 weeks! Deco Bubbles can be used to show Gumballs and Double Bubbles, like the 15" Heart inside the 24" Deco Bubble shown below!

Be creative!

Like a good Portfolio with designs and decor, displays really can help you to sell, so here’s your opportunity to sell your creative skills and bring your balloons to life!
Sue Bowler
'Love Bug'
The recipe for this design can be found in my recipe section!

Here are a few simple ideas that will bring new sales and greater profits!

Gift Wrapped Balloons, this was something I saw in a Japanese  party store some years ago, wrapping balloons in cellophane or using a pre-made cellophane gift bag really adds value to a product with very little extra cost or preparation time.
Sue Bowler
Vase of gift wrapped 4" Hearts!

I created a beautiful vase of balloons by simply working with 4” hearts – you will need to heat seal these –‘did you know that a heat sealed air filled foil will last forever! This is a great selling point!’ With the simple addition of beautiful ribbons and bows you have the perfect gift. Gift wrapped hearts make fantastic add-on sale for Valentines day, also wedding favours and a gift wrapped star makes the perfect wand for little princesses!

Use the Qualatex Valentines Seasonal Bouquet Idea's for inspiration, there are so many great bouquet designs for you to sell!

Display what you want to sell, some design tips for a Valentines window display.

Don’t overdo it. Less can be more, or at least more easily discernible to the eye. A cluttered window loses appeal and featured items can get lost. 

Air-filled display’s will stay fresh and look good throughout your Valentines marketing campaign!

Make ‘REAL’ merchandise the focal point! Make your displays ‘sellable’ and appealing to everyone.

Valentines day evokes different emotions, romance, fun and sometimes embarrassment too, so ensure you cover all angles as it may take only one item on display to bring a customer through your door!
Frog-Kiss Me Princess # 29351 39"

Accentuate products with good lighting. Whether the window is recessed or under a spotlight, the goal is to highlight the products within the overall display. Remember that even when your shop is closed your window is still ‘working’; it’s your 24 hour & 7 days a week silent salesman, so make sure that it works hard for you!

Stack products or use a pyramid. Place items in the window at varying heights and depths to catch shoppers' attention and make the overall display inviting to the eye.

Have fun with mannequins. If you are using mannequins, create interesting poses, and make sure that each one is well lit and easily visible to customers passing by.

Be creative. Let your imagination run free — as long as you don’t lose sight of the objective — and draw customers into the store with innovative, attractive, and compelling displays.

Don't delay, start your Valentines campaign today!

I will share some new Valentines day designs over the next few weeks... so keep on reading 'The Very Best balloon Blog!

Sue Bowler


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