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What is your 'Top Selling' design versus your most 'Profitable Designs or Decor'?

Last week I asked some of our VERY BEST Industry Instructors to share their top tips and personal experiences on how to get the very best from attending a balloon convention, if you missed this blog you can simply click here - they have all given a great account of how they felt when they attended their first balloon convention and have offered some truly great tips and advice!

I thought that since I had their attention (sneaky me), I would ask them to share some more of their secrets...

Please will you tell us what your Top Selling Design or Decor is?

For long time on the top of the list was the composition, special for wedding, we called “The Magic Touch” that is the 3’ to pop with 6” Hearts inside which fly away. Now we are selling very well a composition called “Elegance Bouquet”.
It’s a bouquet which have like base a detail made using 15” Solid Colour Bubbles. - Alberto Falcone CBA
Elegance Bouquet by Alberto Falcone - This design and many others using this technique is available on Alberto's  new DVD - Bubbles Chain - The Evolution of 15" Bubbles Solid Colors

My top selling decor pieces (I hate to say it) are columns and arches.  I create them in different patterns but of course the spiral is the most popular. I think they are the most popular because it's what people see the most of, unfortunately.  Oh, also I sell alot of 10 balloon bouquets because they are reasonably priced. - Amanda Armstrong CBA

Columns & Arches by Amanda Armstrong CBA

Azusa Ieizumi CBA says that "Balloon Dolls" for gifts is her top selling design!

Azusa Ieizumi working on her Balloon Doll creations

My 'funky' designs - Funky Buddies & Funky Dancing Men! I designed them in  2008 for my Aussie National Tour. David Taylor CBA

'Mad' Dave Taylor with his 'Funky' Men.
Our top seller has to be our balloon dolls.  We make them for all sorts of occasions and usually make 1 or 2 every weekend - LIsa Swiger CBA 

Lisa Swiger's amazing Balloon Dolls

Colin Myles CBA - "Just now our bestselling design is the thistle design".

Colin's 'Thistle Design'.

For Tope Abulude CBA it's 3' Pink Heart Foil balloons
Magenta Heart #99338

My Lootles have been some of my most top selling designs I have created over the years.  These designs can be transformed to create the perfect centerpiece for almost ANY event.   - Robbie Furman CBA

'Lootles' by Robbie Furman
'Wizard of Oz' - Lootles by Robbie Furman

What is your most profitable decor or design?

Every time I consider also the visual impact as value in my compositions. I think almost all the compositions including a 3’ are for me the most profitable items. - Alberto

An Alberto Falcone 3' balloon design.

Arches of course but also Outdoor Balloon Trees (that's what I call them), which consist of a 3' with 2-3 quads with ribbon on pvc.  They are staked into the ground for stability. -Amanda.

Balloon Tree by Amanda Armstrong
Garland Arch by Amanda Armstrong CBA
For Azusa 'Photo Spots' are her most profitable decor!
Azusa in one of her 'Photo Spots'

For Colin, 646Q stand-up figures are his most profitable design!

Colin Myles 646Q Elvis

Tope's best seller "Floor standing arrangement with a 3ft pink foil (personalised) "

Classic balloon decor - to be sure! Arches and columns are the best when it comes to profitability! - Lisa

Garland Arch by Lisa Swiger CBA

Cruise Captain! By Lisa Swiger CBA

"Big Stuff. Squiggly Arches  have been very popular this year, as have 3' balloon decor"! - David

5' Balloon with fabric and lighting!
Squiggly Arch

Robbie says "My most profitable designs are my large scale pieces.  These designs are one of a kind and most of the time use one of the deco-twisting worlds most versatile balloons…the 321q.  This balloon allows me to create large scale designs very quickly with a staff with very little experience".     

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band! Robbie Furman

For Alex Arroyo CBA & Pepe Posada CBA their top selling & most profitable decor is Toparies & Centerpieces !

Centrepiece design by Alex Arroyo CBA & Pepe Posada CBA

And finally just for fun... what is your favourite Qualatex balloon?

"My favourite balloons is... Qualatex!"I like and use in my job almost all the range of balloons. I don’t have preferences for round or non round: any way are balloons. What is important is the quality of them! Maybe easy to say what I like less... I don’t use very much Geo Donuts and Blossom, for example". - Alberto
Qualatex Catalog 2012

"260Q and 5 " standard tone". - Azusa
Traditional Assortment 260Q #43956

"I have so many!  I really love the polka dots, agates and Bubbles.  I love the new foil designs but being in California I have to be careful of my design work, so I'm trying to incorporate more of the Bubbles into my designs". -Amanda
11" Rainbow SuperAgate Assortment #91544
11" Assorted Big Polka Dots  #77146

"That changes from time to time but at the moment I am partial to the tapers" - Tope
Lime Green Taper 

"The 11’’ round balloon" - Colin
11" Carnival Assortment #20915

"In latex, my favorite color is Wild Berry. I love the brightness! For foils, right now, I am in love with Tapers! They are interesting and versatile".- Lisa
Wild Berry Birthday Shining Star

"5.5' and 8' balloons. Followed  closely by the Tapers and Starpoints... having fun with big stuff this year"! - David

Cloudbuster 4ft, 5.5ft & 8' Chloroprenes

"The New Smile Face Bubble" is Alex & Pepe's favourite balloon!
 22" Bright Smile Face  #35173 Bubble

321Q  un-dipped! #13717
"Well at first I thought this was going to be an easy question, but than I kept changing my mind.  But after much thought, I have to say the new 321q undipped  balloons are my FAVORITE balloon.  I use these balloons to create many of my large designs with.  This Balloon to me is a true DECO-TWISTED balloon.  Both Twisters and Decorators alike should be using this balloon much more in the near future.  I feel it is one of the building blocks of deco-Twisting.  I also, love 6” geo blossoms.  These form the bases for many of my designs.  Then again I also love 260’s…and 350’s.  OKAY I REALLY LOVE ALL OF MY BALLOONS!!!! So I guess my favorite balloon has to be the one I am using at that moment". - Robbie

Wow... thank you! It's really great to find out what some of our great instructors love and a little bit about their business's too! 

So that just leaves me to say a huge thank you to Alberto Falcone, Amanda Armstrong, Lisa Swiger, Tope Abulude, David Taylor, Alex Arroyo & Pepe Posada, Azusa Ieizumi and of course Robbie Furman, I am looking forward to seeing you all at WBC next week! And Colin Myles who will be teaching at OnArt -Spain next week! I appreciate the time you have taken out of your busy schedule to help me with this blog!

Don't forget to check out the WBC class schedule and see what we are all teaching! 

Hope to see you at the World Balloon Convention next week! Please come and say hello and tell me what you think of 'The Very Best Balloon Blog' - only 7 days away!


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