Thursday, March 29, 2012

World Balloon Convention Day 1 - the build up to a great event!

Wow, what an incredible week we have just had! Delegates arrived from 47 countries around the World and joined us at the Sheraton Hotel, Dallas, with only a few delays caused by a pretty big Texas storm early on in the week! The hotel shook with thunder and the skies lit up with lightening... and then the sun came and stayed with us for the rest of the week!

There are many photographs from the World Balloon Convention,  so I thought that I would document WBC from a slightly different perspective. This is the first of my WBC blogs.

Day 1, Monday 19th March 2012 and the start of the Signature Sculpture, designed  by Azusa Ieizumi, CBA, Japan.
Azusa Signature Sculpture - her vision!

Here are a few photographs of the elements being created for Azusa's sculpture, try and relate them back to the original picture...

The Frogs with Akane

John, Luc & Ines make the sky... looks to me like they are having way too much fun!

Keith & Dom make the trees

Azusa making the bears

Robbie making the fish... yes he is using 321Q's!

Lisa making the mushrooms
Lollypop! Made by me
Other Lollypop tree's, frames made by Brenda Fink and balloons by Dom  & Keith
After 2 days of much balloon inflating and many volunteer helpers, Azusa's Signature Sculpture is ready to greet everyone!

Congratulations to Azusa and all those who helped to create the 'World of Wonder', Signature Sculpture.

Watch out for my next WBC blog tomorrow :)


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