Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A little inspiration for Air-Filled Table Arrangements

Creating arrangements and centrepiece designs working with air rather than helium can appear to be a little more challenging. 

However, there are a number of different idea's that we can successfully use to create great designs every time!

Here are a few inspiring idea's that I have spotted on the Qualatex Facebook Group page!

Anne Cahill McGovern
Design by Anne Cahill McGovern

This first design is by Anne Cahill McGovern, and is absolutely beautiful. I love the use of the Birthday Elegant Damask #30986 complimented with the Black Damask 11" latex balloons #33503 (assorted), with 5" Wild Berry. Anne has used a black feather boa for visual texture and movement within the design, along with some added pink feathers and 'pearl' beads. This design for me is fun, elegant, feminine, trendy, fashionable and charming, truly perfect for a birthday celebration!

Nadia   Azar
Design by Nadia Azar
Another truly inspiring design from Nadia Azar. Nadia has very cleverly created this design with a great combinations of balloons. The focal balloon is the Princess Tiara #82027 and complimented with Rose Pink 5, Rose Pink 160Q's and 5" Zebra Prints! The visual lines and movement are very elegant, but this design also evokes a sense of fun and fashion with the use of the animal print, once again perfect for a birthday celebration!

Soo Wheeler
Design by Soo Wheeler

Topiary designs (topiary meaning - ball like shape) also make perfect air-filled centrepiece designs. Above is a beautiful example of a delicate 'Double Bubble' topiary centrepiece made by Soo Wheeler. Soo's topiary creates a feeling of romance, elegance and gentleness, perfect for a wedding or with a slight change of balloons, this same design could be used for a Christening or Baptism celebration. I love the use of the 5" Just Married Flowers-A-Round latex print #39286.

The Topiary technique can be so very versatile, and can be adapted to suit almost any occasion. I have included a few of more of my favourite idea's below.

Laura Serrano
Design by Laura Serrano
 This stunning Magenta 4" Hearts Topiary is so beautiful and elegant, the organza ribbon and cellophane 'picks' compliment this design perfectly. I can visualise this design in many different colours and being used for many different occasions! 

Linda Bruce
Design by Linda Bruce 

Here is another topiary centrepiece, this one was created by Linda Bruce. The design is simple yet elegant, the ribbon creates the perfect link between the base and the top, and the raffia ribbon add's a visual texture to the design.

Balloontime Roma
Design by Balloontime Roma.

Here is another beautiful example of a topiary design by Balloontime, Roma. Set in a flower pot, it creates the appearance of a flower or tree. The soft colours would indicate this design is for a Christening or a new baby!

Nadia Azar
Design by Nadia Azar

Nadia Azar gives us another great take on the topiary technique. Nadia has used 'puffed' Geo Blossoms... the visual texture is great along with the fresh colours of Lime & Pinks!

Below is another great air-filled design created by Anne Cahill McGovern... It's so simple but so very effective! The 6" Qualatex GEO Blossoms look great in these arrangements... just 3 on each of the tables and they look amazing!

Anne Cahill mcGovern
Design by Anne Cahill McGovern
Colin Myles
Design by Colin Myles

I had to include this fantastic design by Colin Myles! It is packed with visual movement and line!
The 6-balloon cluster base gives perfect visual stability, the 13" Taper balloons add a sense of 'spotlight' to the dancer on the platform along with the 'woven' line guiding light and movement up the column and finally the 'music' guy, dancing on his platform... such a fun and clever design Colin!

Jose Lutman
Design by Jose Lutman

Jose Lutman has a really modern artistic flair when it comes to balloons, I always love to see his ideas and inspirations. I really like his idea of the 'Queen of Hearts' 30" Playing card at the top of this elegant garland of greenery and the simple addition of carefully placed red balloons!

There is a great 'Designer Showcase' of Jose work in APR/MAY/Jun 2012 balloon Images  magazine. 
Images article featuring Jose Lutman

Finally, I cannot complete this blog without mentioning Idit & Hagai Schwartz from Israel, their business is based round centrepiece designs, there is a great article in Images APR/MAY/JUN 2011 called 'Center of Attention'. Idit and Hagai's work is creative, elegant and inspiring, all the designs featured in the article are air-filled... and very beautiful!

Images article featuring Idit & Hagai Schwartz
I have really enjoyed gathering designs for this blog, it has been wonderful re-visiting many of the photographs that have been generously posted and shared on the Qualatex Facebook Group page. I would like to say a huge thank you to all those I have featured in this blog, your continuous idea's and techniques are a great inspiration to us all!

Happy Ballooning!


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