Monday, July 30, 2012

Money Money Money... Gift Ideas!

Tim- Perfect Touch Balloons
When I ran my balloon business some years ago, I remember being asked if I could put money inside a balloon or several balloons... I have even been known to put an engagement ring inside a balloon too - twice!

So when I was asked recently if I had any ideas for 'money in balloon gifts',  I thought that it would be great to see what other balloon professionals do when they are asked to put money or gifts inside balloons!

Money Balloon - Soo Wheeler CBA

"We get asked to put money and gifts into balloons. We usually use our stuffing machine and get a jumbo paperclip to hold the money.We have also enclosed gifts such as earrings and necklaces and the good old way of bottle of bubbly and teddies  for new babies.At christmas we also empty a tin of quality street or roses (chocolate candy) into the balloons for xmas stockings!" - Soo Wheeler, Party Buds, UK.

Hee Eun Park

 Hee Eun Park sent me some of his great idea's!
"I made these balloons w/ candy in them.  You could easily put money in them instead of the candy or do both."

Doris Kristin Herzog

Doris Kristin Herzog of Ballonkunst Herzog, Germany, shares a selection of her great money in balloons design ideas! 

Ko Minderhoud CBA
Ko Minderhoud CBA of Balloon en Ko, Netherlands, creates this beautiful 'Money Tree'. Ko told me that he used this same great design when he took his CBA Exam- not real money on that occasion!

Carol Denison

Carol Denison of Balloon Occasions , shared this unique idea. She has placed the money inside the 646Q Diamond Clear balloon (you need to look closely to see the 646Q), so that even when the money has been removed the recipient still has a balloon arrangement!

Alissa from Balloons Delivered Australia shares her 'Money Topiary'

Alissa says "If you look closely at the topiary I made it using a ribbon money chain."

Gemma Rich CBA
Gemma Rich CBA of Perfect Party uses Bubble Balloons which she personalises and creates the ideal money in a balloon gift!

Carlina Thomasson
Another lovely personalised Bubble balloons this time from Carlina Thomasson

Sharon Farrant told me "there is £50 split between these two balloons. Some I put inside the baby balloons leaving just one £5 visible they have to pop them all" - see below.

Sharon Farrant
Shirley Johnstone

Shirley Johnstone has created these beautiful 'Money Butterflies', which she has placed inside an 18" Stuffing balloon.

If you 'Google', 'folding money to make gifts', there are some really great ideas, some of them quite easy the others a little more complicated, but I am sure with practise you could become an expert money folder and why not add a 'new string to your bow' of skills that you can offer!

If you are looking for new 'Stuffing' balloon inspiration, there is a great new DVD by Alberto Falcone CBA called 'Amazing Stuff'. Alberto's idea's are super cool and super sellable too! For more information and distributors visit

Amazing Stuff - by Alberto Falcone CBA
A huge thank you to all those who very generously sent me their ideas and pictures for this blog!

Happy Ballooning!



Unknown said...

These are all fantastic, never got round to sending you a picture Sue sorry, but we put £5.00 notes in 5" clear balloons then put them inside an 18" using the Super Stuffer. We then top that off with either an 18" foil balloon on a collar so no helium required or make it into a character using a smiley face and arms.

Mike Harris CBA
For Every Occasion Balloon Artists Ltd, Rhyl, UK

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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jdinflatables said...

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Sue Bowler (Marston-Weston) said...

Hi Mike
Thank you for this great idea... What a great gift, baby balloons filled with £5 notes! ... thank you for another fantastic idea!
Best regards

Feona Williams said...

I really love it. All of your examples are look great. This is such a very good and creative idea. Thank you for sharing. I'm excited for your next update! God bless!:)

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sendflowers said...
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Giftblooms said...

Hi Mike,
Great job. I love it.
Your creative idea is very nice.
I like your colorful balloons and thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...


Does anyone here post their gifts in balloons? Protecting the actual balloon isn't my issue but rather stopping the items inside the balloon from moving around during transportation.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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