Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 steps to creative air-filled designs with Microfoil balloons.

Here are a few very simple idea's of how you can present an 18" Microfoil balloon without using helium.

I completed a job cost form for each of these designs. The first version Below) with just the 5 x 5" balloon double cluster base (allowing 5 mins to prepare), is only a matter of a few pennies more than an 18" foil inflated with helium and secured to a ribbon and weight (that's working on the average cost of helium today)!
Version 1
But look at the second version... how much does it cost you to add 2 more 5" balloons and 2 x 260Q's... again, just a matter of pennies, but the perceived value is so much greater.
Version 2
The final version uses a 646Q for the body, but unlike most 646Q characters, I have only inflated the 646Q to approx. 9", this makes the overall design stand no higher than about 24"... easy to sell, easy to transport for the customer!
Version 3
How do we promote these designs to our customers?
  • Longer lasting - an air-filled foil balloon will last for many many weeks.
  • Easy to transport
  • Great value  
  • Big Impact and appeal
  • Pick up and go! (always have a selection of designs ready to go)
  • Announce these great designs, display them in your windows and around your shop or store... add a price tags so your customers can see how much they are! ("Take me home for only $$$xx")- let them sell themselves!
Design Sheet - Air-Filled Smile Face Santa created by Sue Bowler 

So what about message foils?

We can do the exact same thing with a message foil too! It really all about your creativity, you can add many different elements that add's value - ribbon or 160Q bows for example.

Design Sheet Air-Filled Baby's First Birthday - created by Sue Bowler

Qualatex are working hard and as we speak to produce a NEW flier packed with air-filled ideas and designs. There will be classes dedicated to air-filled designs and decor across the US, UK and other locations Worldwide. We have many very talented balloon artists who share their own air-filled work freely in both the Qualatex and QBN Facebook Groups - a huge thank you to them! 
Think of the current helium situation as an exciting challenge, try out some new ideas today!

Happy Ballooning!

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David Ocornal said...

The airwalker balloons have the ability to add a cheerful atmosphere to the event
because they either roam or float in the room and gives the feeling as if they are walking on air.
The effects they provide are very impressive for the kids as well as for the adults.