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Learn How To Make This Beautiful Wedding Arbour

Elegant Wedding Arbour

Sue Bowler
Wedding Arbour - by Sue Bowler CBA

So what is an arbour? By definition, it is a shady garden alcove with sides and a roof formed by trees or climbing plants over a wooden frame. My wedding arbour above gives you the same sense of a garden frame but with the elegance of light and airy balloons, silk flowers and soft organza.

So what is its purpose? An arbour such as this could be used as the focal point at the wedding ceremony, if you search "wedding arbours", you will see that there are so many different styles - is this an area of decor that you are missing out on?

Product List

39286 - Just Married ARP* Diamond Clear 5” 
39208 - Just Married ARP Diamond Clear 11”
43552 - Diamond Clear 5”
43597 - Pearl White 5”
43788 - Pearl White 11”
43603 - Metallic Silver 5”

99326 - Magenta 5"
43960 - Silver 260Q
22932 - Pearl White 160Q
Organza Ribbon
Silk Flowers

* ARP - All Round Print

Method of Construction

The easiest way to make this design is to start by making all 4 columns first; please note that the 5” balloons listed above are a random selection and not a formal pattern: please also note that the Magenta balloons are double stuffed with Silver over the top to create this very soft colour. Starting from the base of each column, work upwards: 

TIP: I always recommend that you 'wrap' you poles and any frames that you are working with using the same colour of balloons that you are putting on to the frame. I use either 260Q/ 350Q when I wrap, or 646Q to stretch over.

Cluster 1. 5 x 5" Inflated to 3"
Cluster 2. 5 x 5" Inflated to 4"
Cluster 3. 5 x 5" Inflated to 4.5"
Cluster 4. 5 x 5" Inflated to 4"
Cluster 5. 5 x 5" Inflated to 3"

This creates a really nice shape, a little different from the usual graduated style.

You now need to add:

4 x 260Q Silver
4 x 160Q Pearl White

You will need to decide how much of the pole you want to cover with this double spiral, personally, I would tie a scrap of 160Q on each of your poles to determine this point to ensure that they all the same!

Start the spiral by using the 4 x 260Q Silver and wrap these around the pole. 

To create a double spiral you need to add the inflated 160Q at the same time as the 260Q but wrap them individually once you have created the first spiral with all the 260Q.

You are now going to add a further three clusters:

Cluster 6. 5 x 5" Inflated to 4"
Cluster 7. 5 x 5" Inflated to 4.5"
Cluster 8. 5 x 5" Inflated to 4"

Now create a second double spiral, and take this spiral up to 6" - 15cm from the top of each of the poles.

You are going to repeat the same cluster format as clusters 1 - 5, however you cannot add these clusters until the top arch frame is completed and added onto the columns, as part of this cluster series is on the pole and the other half on the arch frame

The easiest way to make the arch frame (top part of this design) is to make it up on the floor prior to adding to the four columns!

You can use aluminium rod or a plastic conduit, just make sure that it fits into your poles.

Determine how big your arbour needs to be and this will determine how long your rod or conduit needs to be allowing enough extra to secure to the poles, aluminium rod can be purchased in different lengths, 4m usually being the longest.

Sue Bowler
Lay your aluminium rods or plastic conduit on the floor and cross them over at the centre, see diagram below.

Mark the place at the ends of each of the rods to indicate the point at which the frames will be added/slotted in to your columns (most column poles are hollow, so it is easy to slot in your rods, if they are not hollow then you will need to secure the rods to the outside of the poles using duct tape), I would allow a minimum of 12" - 30 cms to make sure that it fits securely. Do not worry about bending your rods to create the arch as this will naturally happen when each of the ends is slotted into the columns. You will need to add a second mark (I have indicated this in red), this is the point where your repeat cluster (1-5) will finish, you will probably find that it will be the last two clusters that will extend onto the arch top, once you have made your marks, you can add the final spirals.

The spirals on the top part of the arbour are only single spirals using 2 x 260Q Silver and 2 x 160Q Pearl White,  I felt that the double spiral would be visually too heavy. Depending how big your arbour is going to be, you may need to only 1 set or if bigger 2 sets, if you use two sets then fill the connection join with a cluster of 5" balloons inflated to 3".

In the centre of the arbour, I have added a double bubble topiary ball using 12 x 11" Diamond Clear with 12 x 11" Pearl White.
Sue Bowler
Double Bubble Topiary Ball 

Add the topiary ball at the centre where the two rods cross over... you just push the ball into position.

Add Organza, ribbons and silk flowers to the arch top, but I recommend that you add all this detail before you position the arches into the columns. I have also used 5" Magenta inside 5" Silver to add a little more detail. I created under-inflated 'Bubbles', made up into clusters of three as accent colour and detail.

You will need a minimum of two people but ideally four people to lift the top into position. Carefully slide each rod into the column and secure with duct tape. 

Add the remaining clusters to each of the columns (repeating clusters 1-5 to complete the design. 

Now finish the design by adding organza, silk flowers and the three balloon clusters to each of the columns to complement the arch top.
Sue Bowler
Accent detail - organza, silk flowers and a balloon bubbles.

Well, this has to be one of the hardest designs to 'recipe'... even though it is actually quite simple to make!

Happy Ballooning!



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