Friday, November 8, 2013

Thinking outside of the box, some great ideas!

Somehow, I have managed to re-publish a Blog, but as I am unsure how to put it back from whence it came, I will leave it safely here, if you have not read it before, I hope that you enjoy! 

I have already written a blog 'As a Balloon Artist how can we find our inspiration', but I just wanted to share with you a few more  'Inspiring Websites' and the inspiration source of some of my designs.

I think that I have already said that I don't need to look at a balloon design or decor to get my inspiration, in fact I prefer not to, there are many things that I see probably on a daily basis that I think "that could be made with balloons"!

Ok, to show you what I mean... a few years ago I create these bright little snowmen...

Snowmen by Sue Bowler CBA

Well here was my inspiration! These are a set of 'snowmen' cake decorations that I found when I was 'surfing' the internet, as soon as I saw them, I knew that they would be perfect made out of balloons!

I have added a step-by-step recipe for these lovely snowmen to SUE'S RECIPES at the top of this page.

These are some Websites that I recommend that you take a look at:

Martha Stewart is not so well known in Europe, I first heard of her when I started travelling to the US. Her website is 'packed to the gunnels' (think that this might be an English expression for almost overflowing) with ideas!

Here are just a few that I picked up yesterday that I thought could easily be 'worked' to create great balloon decor or as an alternative to balloon decor if your customers are looking for something a little different! These are all made from products that we regularly work with TULLE, TISSUE & RIBBON.

Picture courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

I love the simplicity of the vases with the tissues and probably silver baubles (Christmas decorations), I had a little play with some things that I had around my desk... 

So this is what I came up with - A Topiary Ball in a tin bucket! I think it really needed a smaller container or a bigger topiary ball (never mind I was just playing)  I added some organza tufts and a few little fantasy flowers that I had already made (these flowers were made with 5" balloons), it is hard to get the scale from this picture. I will have a go at making a design that is more like the one illustrated above, I love the volume of the tissue paper... I am not usually a fan of tissue paper as it can easily look untidy.

Picture courtesy of
If you are unsure how to make beautiful bows like the one's here just look at the DVD clip below. To make the bows as full and as round as this, I suggest making 2 bows and tying them together to create what I would call a 'Ribbon Puff  Ball'!

Whilst were talking about bows, when was the last time you checked out ?

There are some great ideas and inspiration for decor made with bows and balloons!

Probably one of the best places for inspiration today is Pinterest... 

I often see requests on the Qualatex Facebook page for ideas for theme parties. You can simply go to Pinterest, in the search bar type in your theme and wait for all the amazing results! Here are just a few of the results that I got when I typed in VINTAGE PARTY THEME

If you do not have a Pinterest account click on HERE it will explain what Pinterest is about and how to join... I am currently working on a blog on how Pinterest can help your business... coming soon!

My message today is to try and think outside of the box... look at anything and everything that might give you just that little bit of inspiration. Once you start you'll get hooked like me, but be careful, just take one or two ideas at a time and see how these can be used and adapted to create great balloon decor!

If you have some other suggestions for sourcing your inspiration just drop me an email and if your happy to share I will add it to this blog!

Happy Ballooning!


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Dave @ Partini said...

great post Sue, would you be able to email me what you use inside the uninflated balloons to make the flowers if that makes sense to, Many Thanks Dave