Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How To Make A Simple Air-filled Balloon Character Part 2

Last month(September 2012) I posted a blog that showed step by step how to create a simple air-filled balloon character using just a few Qualatex balloons.

Today, I would like to add a few additional techniques to this simple design showing you 2 new designs!


Just by using these 2 simple techniques when creating a design can add so much detail to the end result.

Sue Bowler
Happy Cow - designed by Sue Bowler CBA

Happy Cow Product List:

5 x 11" Holstein Cow # 10389
10 x 5"  Onyx Black # 43548
4 x 5" White # 43607
2 x 350Q White #44050
1 x 32" Contented Cow Special Shape Microfoil Balloon
1 x Balloon Weight

Sue Bowler
Smile Face Santa - designed by Sue Bowler CBA
Smile Face Santa Product list:

1 x 18" Smile Face Santa Microfoil Balloon # 54814
4 x 5" Onyx Black # 43548
10 x 5" White # 43607
1 x 646Q Red # 13786
2 x 350Q Red # 97228
1 x Balloon Weight

Method of Construction:

If you have not seen part 1: CLICK HERE

Don't forget to use the QBN  (Qualatex Balloon Network) JOB Cost form to work out your selling price, remember, your selling price is unique to you. It is determined by your product costs, labour charges and gross profit margin.

There are many different characters that you can create using this same technique, just take a look at the Qualatex catalogue for all the different Smile Face Microfoil balloons and latex balloons!

I will be adding some more "How To' clips to my Youtube channel SUEBOWLER over the coming months.

I hope that you have enjoyed this How To clip, watch out for more coming soon!

Happy ballooning!


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