Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas balloon 'Puffballs' by Luc Bertrand CBA

Luc Bertrand of WAW Balloons  has very kindly created 2 lovely design ideas for Christmas for 'The Very Best Balloon Blog' plus he shows us how to make the perfect base too!

Design 1.

Material List 

18 x 11"    Christmas Snowflakes - 96588
14 x 11"    White  - 43802
  2 x 5"     Green  - 43561
  1 x 646Q Red    - 13786

Christmas 'Puffball' version 1 by Luc Bertrand CBA
Method of Construction:

Starting from the base working upwards.

  • Inflate base cluster to 9" (Green)
  • Second cluster to 7" (Red)
  • Third cluster to 5" (White)
For the 'Puffball'.
  • Inflate the Red and Green Christmas Snowflakes to 10.5" and create 2 x 5-balloon clusters
  • Inflate the White 11" to 6" and create 2 x 5-balloon clusters.
  • Inflate 2 x 5" Green to 3.5"
To make the 'Puffball', start by laying one of the white 5-balloon cluster flat, you can add a 160Q to secure the additional clusters or you can tie the balloons neck to neck.

Now add the first of the coloured 5- 11" balloon clusters and then the second and then finally the other White 5-balloon cluster, securing each cluster as you go using your preferred method.
Finally add the 2 x 5" Green at the centre of the 'Puffball' on each side,

Luc has covered his pole using a red 646Q... a great technique- simply stretch the balloon over the pole and secure at both ends!

To make the base and pole watch this great clip by Luc Bertrand CBA

For added value try adding 5 x Green 350Q balloons!

Christmas 'Puffball' version 2 by Luc Bertrand CBA

Thank you Luc for these great designs, we very much appreciate your time creating these and the great DVD clip and sharing them with us!

Happy Ballooning!



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