Monday, March 25, 2013

Babies Babies Babies!

Whether a new baby or a baby shower, there are many opportunities to create exciting balloon decor and designs for this very special event! 

Rachel Ellen Baby Boy Stroller - 50253

Sue Bowler
Design based on a Rachel Ellen balloon by Sue Bowler CBA.

Did you know that the custom of buying gifts for new parents goes back as far as the Ancient Egyptians and Romans!

The purpose of a baby shower is to ‘shower’ the mother-to-be with advice, support and gifts and is usually hosted by family or close friends.

Themes are often adopted for baby showers, if the sex of the baby is known then blue for a boy or pink for a girl is the norm, but many showers are themed round children’s books, like Winnie the Pooh or nursery rhymes like ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’!

Qualatex balloons
Winnie the Pooh & Friends - 33086

Celebrating the birth of a new baby can result in a christening, naming ceremony and or blessing, and ultimately any one of these will lead to a gathering of family and friends.

Balloons and balloon decor are perfect for baby showers, births and new baby celebrations, let’s take a look at a few idea’s!

Pacifiers, dummies and rattles!
Qualatex balloons

These are always a great hit for both deliveries and decor. A quick and simple designs that has huge impact add coordinating Qualatex latex and Microfoil balloons to create a bouquet and you have a winning combination!

A pacifier can be as simple as a 22” Qualatex Bubble Balloon with a 5” balloon cluster and 260Q or a Qualatex Geo Blossom with a 260Q!

To make a ‘babies rattle’ takes a little more skill, as you will need to fill a big balloon with small balloons, this technique is known as a ‘Gumball’ balloon.

I would recommend using a 20” Deco Bubble, I really like the Big Polka Dot All Around # 16872 and fill it with 5” balloons. You can use 16” latex balloon, however the floating time for this balloon is limited, and using Ultra Hi-Float when making a Gumball is tricky as the 5” balloons tend to stick. A Deco Bubble has a fantastic float time, weeks rather than days, making it perfect especially for deliveries!

Tip: Remember never mix your gases, if you are creating an air-filled design, all the balloons must be filled with air and if you are creating a helium version, all the balloons must be filled with helium!

Decor ideas for baby celebrations are plentiful, from simple single balloon arches, elegant columns, table centrepiece designs.
Sue Bowler

There are many great resources and sources of inspiration when it comes to designs ideas for babies. 

The Qualatex Baby Business Booster is fantastic, with the added QBN area that has some great additional instruction sheets.

Balloon Idea’s is a cool search tool located on the Qualatex website that allows you to select the occasion, theme and use for specific balloon decor and ideas, once you have selected your requirements simply click on search and a fantastic selection of decor idea’s are revealed!

Have you visited Pinterest recently Use the search bar to find the Qualatex Boards and more specifically the ‘Oh, Baby’! Once again filled with designs to inspire us and to show to our customers and great news for QBN members all boards lead to 'Find-A-Pro', Qualatex's QBN Member referral listings.

If it’s a non latex delivery you require (some hospitals do not allow latex balloons), check out this great designs as featured in The Qualatex Air-Filled Advance flier, this 16 page flier is filled with inspiring design and all made with air-filled balloons! Page 8 shows us some great latex free designs using Qualatex Solid-colour Bubble balloons! To get a copy of this flier visit you Qualatex Distributor or download it from and click on Online Catalogs.

 Here are more new 'Baby' designs for 2013! Check out the new 2013 Qualatex catalogue!

Rachel Ellen On your Christening Blue - 54876

Rachel Ellen On your Christening Pink - 55043
Beauty Spots Baby Girl - 40517 (also available Sad Spots Baby Boy - 40521

Spring is a good time to create a beautiful 'baby' display... you have so many great ideas  & Qualatex balloons to choose from!

Happy ballooning!


The ‘Baby Shower’ originated from the US and has now hit the shores of Britain with gusto where we are experiencing a ‘Baby Shower Boom’ it is suggested that we spend a whopping £220m a year on this relatively new trend! 
Please remember that not all balloons are available in all territories so check with your Qualatex supplier.


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