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Balloon Industry Heroes and Inspirers the finale!

Here is the concluding collection of heroes. I have enjoyed each and every story that has been sent to me or that has been added to the end of the blogs, so I would like to thank  you all for sharing these with everyone.

Heroes and Inspirers the finale.

Pascal Grooten- Frisky Balloon, Belgium
Oh my, I’m only allowed to pay tribute to 3 names. Well, gonna make that a quartet tribute.
I like to mention Pieter van Engen, Patrick Van de Ven, Antonio Bécares Rodrigues and Hyun-Gu Park aka Beating.

Patrick Van de Van

For my opinion, these guys are nowadays the pinnacle of the ‘twister community’. Each one of them is a true balloonartist.
Giving all credit to the “old skool” twisters from the late eighties, beginning nineties you saw after the millennium a whole new generation of twisters appearing. For many years they worked hard and slowly developed their own style of twisting. Their designs are instant recognizable. 

They took the level of creating with balloons an entire level higher. They are influencial to many balloon artists because they share their knowledge and visions through jamming, workshops, publishing and continuously improving their skills and techniques. I like to call them the “Brat pack”.

I honour them because their designs are persistent and always surprising. They keep up coming with new designs that awes the ‘balloon community’.
Everyone has his own talent and unique style but all of them share the love for balloons!
Pieter, Patrick, Antonio & Beating,
I salute you!

Dmitry Tishenko CBA - Art Positive, Moscow, Russia.
So they are 
Luc Bertrand CBA
1.Luc Bertrand - he was the first foreign master of balloon design whose seminar I was able to visit. He showed us that balloon designing is not only business, but a real ‘art’. 

2. Sue Bowler I like yours elegant (style) compositions and the way you teach.

3. Alberto Falcone, I like his searching and realising of new techniques And the way he fulfill his works. 

Robbie Furman. I like how he does his big unframed sculptures and the way he sells them.

Enza Mondello CBA - Balloon Express, Patti, Sicily.
The first course that I have done has been to Amsterdam in 1995 and I have I met Gary Wells, from there my passion for fantasy flower. 
My mentor is Luc Bertrand, I find his brilliant ideas!!
And then there's you (Sue Bowler), that with your simple style, make a simple balloon an emotion.

Lia Palka -GBalmanac Balloons, Brazil.


 Since the very first day I was bewitched by Bruce Walden with his lovely blue eyes and big smile when he introduced me to Principles and Elements of Design and to a complete new and so colorful world: The WORLD OF BALLOONS! I watched ALL his videos available then and learned a lot from them.

I still remember how his “Under the Sea” décor made during a Balloon Convention here in Brazil impacted me for so many years…

I will be forever grateful to this creative and so generous artist who contributed so much to the balloon industry and shared his knowledge with so many of us before changing his career plans/path. 
But … Brazil also got HEROS and INSPIRERS!

Eduardo Seiti CBA
He got talent and charisma. Born to be a teacher or instructor – one of the first Balloon instructors in Brazil.

His style has 99% balloons: it should be low cost, fast and simple to assemble.

Seiti developed the Brazilian-style centerpieces, the EaSY System (named and promoted by me everywhere), to name just a few of his creative ideas.

Now he is 100% dedicated to teaching balloon classes.

His style is everywhere in balloon magazines around Brazil, inspiring many professionals – here and now also in other countries as well.
PS:  I had the opportunity to work and teach with him during the weekends and I can assure you that Eduardo‘s got talent! 

That’s how he liked to be called: CBA became part of his name so proud he
Ricardo Roderiguescba

was of his certification.

Ricardo graduated as an Interior Designer and  was so much talented in all aspects – balloons, flowers, décor in general.  A real artist!

His style:  everything had to be elegant, and if possible, sophisticated and glamorous.

Ricardo had such a brilliant personality but unfortunately he left us too early at the age of 32 (I think the angels wanted him to help décor the parties in heaven…).
He was awarded with the GBAlmanac trophy “Balloon Super Star” and is now shining above.
Ricardo is one of our heros and will continue to inspire many of us  -  FOREVER!
A talented entrepreneur. Dedicated and persistent. A born leader. He also
Luiz Carlos Da Silva CBA

inspire us because of his correct and honest personality.

His décor (usually in large spaces) can be seen in many trade magazines. For Luiz, everything must be carefully planned and perfectly executed under his supervision.

He was the leader of the Brazilian team in the Qualatex Event UK  2011 who was awarded 2nd place in Large Sculpture Competition.

He created “e-balões Certification” as he believes that besides talent and hard work, one needs to be permanently updated and educated to be able to follow market trends (and to survive!
 Steve Klein - Mr Balloon Wizard, Boston, USA
Debbie Stevens
Thanks for asking me who my hero's are in the industry. There are so many, that have inspired me and have become part of our wonderful balloon family. One person, that I believe is not just a great artist, but is a professional in every way. It is no other than Debbie Stevens. I got to know Debbie at Twist and Shout in Nashville 2007. My dad had passed away, less than two weeks before the convention. At the time, I kept that to myself and just wanted to not be depressed. With that said, I do not remember learning any balloons, but I became friends with Debbie.  
Here is the dress that I made this past Twist and Shout, learning what I learned from Debbie (Mrs Ballooniverse) Natalie is my Model

 Furthermore, I attended Balloon Camp/Diamond Jam in Las Vegas and was inspired by Debbie making her wonderful dress. In a room full of many dress makers, she took her time and always spoke with me. Her dress won and it was amazing! Not only that, she was willing to answer any questions. I also use her cocktail buddies and beer buddies at many of my events. That has created a whole new market for me, to sell for adult bookings.
 Finally, I have been honored to be able to work with her at The Florida Super Jam!  Along with being on the panel at The Florida Super Jam with Debbie and many other hero's. I believe Debbie, is a great role model and a special person.
 Thanks for reading -Steve Klein

Mike & Sara Harris CBA's For Every Occasion Balloon Artists Ltd, Rhyl, UK
When asked by Sue who are our industry hero’s we thought Aaarrgghh there are too many, after visiting WBC on 2 occasions as well as other UK training we have been inspired by so many great instructors from around the world. 

The first person that came straight to mind is Luc Bertrand, Luc has inspired us with many of his designs and his corporate courses have enabled us to extend our skill set and sell lots of corporate décor that made a big difference to our bottom line.

He also taught us Large Sculpture enabling us to enter the competition at the UK Qualatex Event.
Robbie Furman CBA
Another influence on our business is Robbie Furman, not only has become a great friend since WBC 2010 but he has been the biggest influence on developing the very successful twisting side of our business.  
Finally our biggest influence on wedding décor is Sue Bowler (not creeping) her designs and techniques have enabled us to stand apart from our competitors in a very competitive market.

Thank you once again to everyone who contributed to this blog, it really makes you sit back and think about who has helped us in our journey's within this wonderful world of balloons! 

I am currently in the teachers prep room at BACI 2013 and I am surrounded by a room of extremely talented people who readily share their passion for balloons along with stunning designs and incredible techniques each and every day... and equally I am surrounded by enthusiastic delegates excited to learn and perfect the new skills that they are learning!

One thing for sure, is that we work in an extremely friendly and sharing industry. I have watched over the past 20 years how balloon skills have grown and developed, and I very much look forward to see how the industry develops over the next 20 years... I wonder who will be our new heroes and inspirers?

Happy Ballooning!


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