Thursday, April 18, 2013

Qualatex Event Puerto Rico 2013

This was the first time that I have visited one of the Caribbean Islands, and although the island is small approximately 100 miles long and only 35 miles wide the welcome was huge!

Qualatex Event Puerto Rico Event Hotel... yes, it's true!

Christopher Columbus discovered Puerto Rico in 1493, and the name Puerto Rico actually means 'Rich Port', due to it's worth as an important sea port... today Puerto Rico has many claims to fame including being the rum capital of the world and home to the worlds largest radio telescope along with being adorned with the most beautiful flora and forna and some incredible creatures such as the 'Coqui', a tiny tree frog and the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles! Thank you Benny Nieves for my final evening guided tour and history lesson, it was just perfect!

Robbie Furman 'helping' with the CBA exam process!

The event started with a full day of CBA assessments! We had so many people (which was fantastic) who wanted to take their assessment at the event that we had to run 2 separate sessions. So I would like to say a huge thank you to Coral Ojeda, Globos Qualatex de Pioneer and Robbie Furman CBA who worked very hard with me, and I am very pleased to report that we now have 20 new CBA's in Puerto Rico! Congratulations to you all!
To learn more about the Qualatex Balloon Network and CBA please click here

Puerto Rico's newest CBA's

As part of the event they had a Column and Delivery Design competition, I really enjoy seeing all the different idea's and interpretations of a column, some extremely elaborate and others simple but extremely elegant... here are all the entries!

And the winner is....

Neysa Morales
This stunning column was designed and created by Neysa A Morales CBa

Robbie's classes as always were action packed and fun with everyone learning how to create his amazing 'Lootles' along with much much more!

At work and having fun!

Robbie Furman
Robbie Furman's Famous 'Lootles'

Robbie Furman
Robbie Furman CBA

 This stage and beautiful 'Hollywood' back drop was created by Gina Rivera CBA & Team for the CBA awards.

Sue Bowler & Robbie Furman
Coral, Robbie and me ~ the Qualatex Team!

And as with most parties, the evening concluded with a little dancing and some great music!

So that leaves me only to say a huge thank you to Lizandra Gonzalez of Beautiful Balloons, Puerto Rico, who hosted this great event with her amazing team!

A final few pictures!

Qualatex Event Puerto Rico
Balloon Wall - designed by Sue Bowler CBA created by the delegates! 

Sue Bowler
Wedding Arch created by Sue Bowler CBA

Designed by Sue Bowler CBA
Balloon Column created by Sue Bowler CBA

Benny, Coral and Robbie in down town San Juan.
Sue Bowler & Robbie Furman
Sue & Robbie meet local celebrity!

Thank you Puerto Rico, I had an amazing time on your beautiful Island with such wonderful, talented people, I hope to meet you again one day!

Happy Ballooning!


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