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Animal Magic - some great balloon designs with an animal theme!

Jolly GIraffe by Sue Bowler CBA
This Giraffe stands  6' Tall! 

Having a Jungle or Safari party theme is very popular for all ages, my first encounter of a Safari theme party was at IBAC 15 in 2001, which was the first time that I taught at IBAC having been a competitor for the previous 2 IBACs! 

I was given the task of designing animal trophy heads for the Hunters Lodge for the Thursday night Costume Party, which I have detailed a little later in this blog.

The IBAC Jungle Party was designed by Glenna Kipp, CBA. Glenna and her amazing team transformed the ballroom into a magnificent jungle! I have just looked back at Balloon Images April/May/June 2002 and reminded myself of all the fun designs that were created from Sky Broom Tree's, Monkey Tree's, Safari Falls and Palm Tree Paradise... just to name a few! 

Jungle Balloon Ideas by Sue Bowler
Jungle Window Display - Spring Fair 2013

I love this little table top 'Topary', so simple, but very effective! The use of the Qualatex Animal Print 5" balloons with wire edge ribbon and some raffia for texture... simply perfect! Don't forget you can up scale this design using the 11" Animal Print Latex balloons to create floor standing decor!

To make the basic balloon topiary:
Step 1. Air Inflate two latex balloons to the same size, using a sizer and tie the balloons together to make a duplet.
Step 2. Repeat this process a further 5 times until you have 6 duplets.
Step 3. Twist 2 pairs of duplets together at the knots, now add each of the additional duplets into the cluster, ensuring they are all twisted in the centre to create a round ball.

There are also 5" Safari Print balloons which are perfect for table arrangements and other small animal designs! - 87144 

Here's another great balloon arrangement idea, this design was created by Marty McCormick CBA and was featured along with some other great designs by her in Balloon Images March/April/May 2001.

The design was called 'Basic Instinct' and uses a selection of balloons, feathers, printed ribbon and curly willow which gives great movement within the design. The article also gives other great idea's for 'Call Of the Wild' table arrangements... there are some really cool ideas'... I might just have to have a little play later!

How about making some jungle animals? Before we had the fabulous Qualatex Animal Heads, we had to design these ourselves, here are 2 very different versions of a Lions head, one of which was designed by myself and the other by Jodie Norris CBA... 

This stunning Lions head was designed & created by Jodie Norris (White) CBA, the use of the 260Q's was simply amazing!

Balloon art by Sue Bowler CBA
This Lion head was designed & created by me, and this was one of the 'Trophy Head' designs used at  IBAC 15. 
Below is the recipe for the Tiger Head that I also created for IBAC 15, the lion head is very similar and you will probably be able to work it out easily from this recipe!
safari balloons by QualatexWith the introduction of the fantastic Qualatex Animal heads both large and small, the opportunity to create great animal designs are endless! I have seen some truly amazing designs from various different artist featured on the Qualatex Facebook group and in Balloon Images along with all the downloadable recipes on the Qualatex website! 

This Jolly Giraffe features on the Birthday Business Booster on the Qualatex Website! 

Animals Gone Wild is another great article in Jan/Feb/March 2013 Balloon Images magazine! This article shows some truly cute and very sellable Jungle Animals created by Dominic Cassidy CBA and Keith Stirman CBA!

Animal Gone Wild by Dom Cassidy CBA & Keith Stirman CBA

Here is a recipe for a lovely little monkey, simple yet very effective and sellable too! There are many great downloadable recipes on the Qualatex website! (there are some that are exclusive to QBN members only and are password protected).


Zebra by Sue Bowler
How adorable... original Zebra design created by Rosana Escudero CBA

What could be more adorable that seeing a child cuddling up to an animal character! This simple design was inspired by a design originally created by Rosana Escudero CBA

We are so very lucky, we have so many resources around us to inspire and help with our creativity! 

Happy Ballooning!


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