Friday, June 28, 2013

How can we 'jazz up' our quotes?

In the past few weeks I have decorated two birthday parties, one to celebrate a 21st Birthday and the other an almost 'surprise' 50th birthday! 

I do not decorate very often any more, not because I don't want to, but it is not so easy when you have other commitments and cannot guarantee being available... but I was delighted to have the opportunity to go through the whole process once again from consultation to completion. 

It's funny because when I teach a class these days I try to include a small section covering 'selling techniques', as I feel this is such a vital part of our business, so this was my opportunity to put my words in to practice!

Both of the customer enquiries came via a telephone call, both informed me that they were on a budget and that they did not want to spend too much.

Firstly, I wanted to know a little about the person who's birthday it was, was there a theme, where was the party being held, favourite colours, anything and everything that could help me to decide what type of decor to propose.

One client wanted to meet up and discuss the party in greater detail, the other client was more than happy for me to send some ideas over the internet.

But not once did I ask them what their budget was!

Having spoken to both customers I had a fair idea of the type of decorations they wanted and in both instances they wanted table arrangements and column designs.

I really do not have much in the way of a general portfolio anymore, so showing a customer designs that I have previously made is hard, so here is how I 'Jazzed up' my quote to make it very personal to them, I think by showing a picture helps to sell the designs so much better than just words!

21st Birthday - ~Table Arrangement Idea's for a 21st Birthday with a Casino Theme Party

sue bowler cba

Here is the first 'quote' for the 21st Birthday Casino theme party. I listened to the customers requirements and I gave her a selection of designs to choose from, each design having a different pricing point which gave her the opportunity to decide how much she wanted to spend. I have also mentioned to her with the columns suggested placements and how they would probably used as a photograph backdrop, as this will give the decor a purpose and the customer visualise this happening at their event!

The second (50th) party was quoted for in much the same way, although I had actually visited the client and the venue and had more opportunity to create a 'picture' of how the room would look, and therefore my quote did not need as much detail as the last time, the pictures in this instance were enough.

I am certainly no 'wizz' nor master on the computer, but over the past few years I have learnt some basic editing skills and how to copy and paste pictures into a document, plus using a little clip art too, I think it really helps to 'sell' idea's and concepts! I wrote a blog called working with Balloon Clip Art click here for a direct link to this blog 

So here are the actual results!

Qualatex balloons 
The number 2 and number 1 were firstly filled with helium and then connected together using Clik Clik Stretchy Balloon Tape to create this 'perfectly' arranged bouquet, (each balloon was secured with ribbon).

Sue Bowler
The number 2 and the number 1, to make the 21 here was a technique that I saw the Balloon Brothers demonstrating and thought how cool it was! Thank goodness for Clik Clik Stretchy Balloon Tape, as it hold's these balloons together VERY firmly! - This design is all air-filled!

sue Bowler
Here I have mixed Card & Dice latex with 21-A-Round with a Birthday Elegant Sparkle and Swirls Microfoil balloon.

Sue Bowler
I loved this column, is was so elegant and looked perfect in the room, once again all air-filled!

sue bowler
The centrepieces for this party was a combination of air-filled and helium arrangements, I really like this look in a room!

Oh, I forgot to mention, Robbie Furman was staying when I decorated the 50th party, so I asked him to make one of his full size lootles for the entrance... what a hit, everyone loved loved loved it! I think that I had better learn how to make these as I have a feeling I will get asked for these in the future!

If you do not think that you are able to 'create' computer designs like the one's that I made, have you considered using the design ideas on the Qualatex Business Booster & the amazing selection of downloadable bouquets?

So, lets say you are decorating a Graduation party? Open up the Business Booster and there are Bouquet Ideas and Decor ideas that can all be enlarged and downloaded! Along with sales tips and of course the QBN members area. But look at the bottom left there is also a clickable link to downloadable bouquets! I have opened the Graduation 2013 ideas, but as you can see from the listings there are many many more!

So, you should be able to Jazz Up your quotes easily, offer a small selection of choices at different pricing points, you will be surprised they rarely take the cheapest options!

Happy Ballooning!



Sandi Masori said...

Brilliant blog post Sue, thanks! This is one of those things that you do so well when you first start out, but as time goes on you (I) get lazy and forget to be as detailed. Thanks for the reminder and kick in the pants! :-)

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