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Turning a hobby into a career - Lily Tan's amazing journey!

Very Best Balloon Blog Lily Tan
Lily Tan - 'Giraffe and Me'
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Lily as a 'Very Best Balloon Blog' guest artist!

If like me you are in awe of Lily's amazing designs you may be surprised that she started out working with balloons as a hobby, but I will let Lily tell you her story...

Lily Tan is a renowned artist, widely recognised for her innovation and excellence in Balloon Sculpting. She is a locally self-groomed artist, whose accidental hobby has evolved into her passion for balloon art today.
After completing her 3-year Diploma for Fine Arts course at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) Singapore in 1990, Lily worked as an Assistant Art Director in an Ad Agency. Her job in the Agency had allowed her to explore art beyond imagination.

Very best balloon blog
Lily 'Under the Sea'!
In 2011, Lily quit her job at the Ad Agency to spend time with her two young children. During this period of time, Lily took up Balloon Sculpting as a hobby after an encounter at a party. The beaming smiles on the faces of the children at a party, where a Balloon Artist was entertaining them, ignited her passion for balloon art.

Lily started by twisting and decorating with balloons at children’s parties to make the little ones happy. Her creativity captured the hearts of many, young and old.
Today, in her work, there is no boredom and routine, as Lily constantly seeks new and fresh ideas to transform plain-looking balloons into fascinating sculptures. Her audience is often awed and captivated by her creative and inspirational designs.
Lily is regularly invited to many corporate events, private functions and educational institutions to showcase her talent. She has also trained many people in balloon sculpting, never failing to receive raving reviews.
Very best balloon blog
Finger Theme by Lily Tan
To challenge herself, Lily has organised several large-scaled projects such as the Guinness World of Records Largest 3D Balloon Sculpture and Singapore’s Largest Balloon Landscape. Through all these projects, the balloon art is being introduced to many people worldwide.
To share her works and ideas in balloon art, Lily has personally designed and published several books and D-I-Y balloon kits. With the advanced technology today, she also promotes the art through social media such as Facebook and Myairtitude Fan Club.
Some of her achievements are:

• Singapore Book of Records 

Singapore’s Largest Balloon Landscape, March 2013

• Guinness World of Records

Largest 3D Balloon Sculpture, March 2012

• Singapore Book of Records 

Largest Single Sculpture Made of Balloons, March 2012

• Featured Guest Artist 

MediaCorp Channel 5 Program – Lunch Crunch, March 2012

• Giant Balloon World Display 

Marina Square Shopping Mall, March 2011
• International QUALATEX Colour Quest 2011
• The Balloon Bonanza @ BBB Project 

Bugis Junction, Illuma & National Library Board of Singapore, November 2011

very best balloon blog
Under the Sea by Lily Tan

Lily has published four books on balloon sculpting, as well as several sets of D.I.Y. Balloon Kit since 2006. Some of her works were selected and published in Sharm-art (Russian Magazine) and QUALATEX Calendar 2012.

Lily says...
"If you can't believe in miracles, then believe in yourself."
very best balloon blog
3 Little Pigs - By Lily Tan

Thank you Lily for sharing your story and congratulations on being selected as one of the 2014 World Balloon Convention 'Very Best' Instructors, I am really looking forward to meeting you and seeing all your amazing designs!

Happy ballooning!

Sue Bowler CBA

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