Friday, March 14, 2014

Easy Step by Step on how to create a 5-Balloon Cluster Garland...

I know that when I first started making garlands especially when using 5-balloon clusters I use to get into a bit of a pickle, trying to hold down the balloons, keep the balloons flat and getting the garland tight enough, so that it did not just fall apart or pop out of shape!

So, here is a very easy step by step clip that will show you how you can do it and take away all the stress!

Just a few extra tips:
Use Dacron line (available from Conwin, and good distributors) and not monofilament line (fishing line), Dacron line is woven and soft and will not stretch unlike monofilament line, which will stretch especially when used for outdoor decor, leaving big gaps in your arches and garlands! Monofilament line is also a little sharp and can cut through the balloons when they are moving creating friction, even in the slightest breeze!

50lb Dacron Line

If you are using 11" balloons, I recommend not to inflate them over 10", you do not need the balloons fully inflated when working with air and when they are under-inflated they are a little softer to work with.

Always work on a clean surface, take an old sheet or similar when working on site, it will ensure that nothing will pop the balloon when you are preparing your column or garland.

Conwin Precision Air Inflator

Use professional equipment when inflating your balloons, such as a Conwin Precision Air Inflator, you can inflate 2 balloons at a time and this will also ensure that the balloons are all inflated to the same size, and that you will work fast and efficiently, making your work more profitable! If you are still saving up for your Precision Air make sure that you use a sizing box or similar to measure your balloon sizes.
Balloon Sizer - available in UK/Europe through Qualatex distributors.
There are other types available Worldwide.
I hope that this helps, everything is easy when you know how....

Happy Ballooning!



Chandran said...

Superb.. You are amazing...

Unknown said...

Hi Sue! Not sure why I was not able to view your clip for the 5 cluster but was hoping if you could forward me the clip somehow? I have trouble with this all the time!!!!!

Unknown said...

I can't see it the picture step by step but thank you Sue!