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Part 1. Have you ever wondered what it's like to take part in a competition? Here's what some of our WBC competitors say...

Have you ever thought about entering an industry competition but for one reason or another decided not to?

As both a past competitor and occasional judge I am extremely passionate about competitions, I believe that everyone in the balloon industry benefit greatly from the skills, creativity & diversity demonstrated by those who take part in each of the categories!

So what does it take to enter a competition? 

On my return from the World Balloon Convention, I asked if anyone who had taken part in any of the competitions would be happy to share their experience with The Very Best Balloon Blog and I was overwhelmed by the response that I received! 

Teri Stokes - Happy Heart, Kingwood, Texas

Teri Stokes with her winning medal and award! Congratulations to Teri!

"Hi , yes I have recovered from WBC. I came home with my head filled with ideas. It's just awesome. I also hit the ground running and jumped right back to work. 
 I competed in deliverable sculpture ,delivery bouquet, table centerpiece and hat. I also helped on the USA team on the tiger build. It was a wonder time. 
Teri Stokes Table Arrangement
 I enjoyed making new friends and just playing with balloons. I enjoy competing it always helps me come up with new designs. 
Teri Stoke - Delivery
I have never played with the foil tapers before. I have sold my centerpiece idea for two events and my deliverable bouquet  for different up coming event. 
 I started doing balloons over 18 years ago and competing helps me grow, yes I'm competing next time wanting to compete in med are large I haven't done that yet ( yikes i said it)! 
 I think it's awesome to receive achievement awards because there is so many amazing balloon creations and not everyone can make the top three. For new people wanting to compete I say go for it. You don't know what you will come up with if you don't try. 
Competing is a good way to grow. Yes I did a press release it has not been in papers yet. 
When I first started with balloons I was a very shy person if you met me now you would never guess that I was ever shy ,the first balloon event I was afraid to talk to anyone.I have been bless to make some amazing friends In the industry over the years and I have learned to bring my list of questions with me and ask away. I always look to meet a new shy person like I once was and play it forward. 
I can't wait till the next WBC. Winning is awesome but having new designs that sell is priceless." 

Lia Palka on behalf of Team Brazil

Team Brazil - Mother Earth

Which competitions did you enter.
Large Sculpture category

What inspired you to compete?
After the result at The Qualatex Event UK  2012 (2nd place) our team leader Luiz Carlos da Silva decided we should try it again and there we were again, for the first time in USA!

How did you plan for your competition/s
Luiz Carlos created a special group/page in Facebook so that all team members could give comments and ideas how this sculpture should look like/should be built.

How was the competing experience for you?
For me it was just great and for all team members as well - in spite of their sore fingers J  - 

What do you think you gained from competing?
It strengthened our friendship, we gained respect from other competitors and WBC participants, and most important of all, we placed “Brazil” amongst the top competitors!

Would you compete again?
Yes, our team leader Luiz Carlos already mentioned that we will be there again in New Orleans!  J Who-hoo! 
Team captain Luiz Carlos busy making the sculpture frame.
What are your thoughts on the award scheme (Bronze. Silver, Gold & Platinum) ?
Here is what I think:  rules were not very clear – for winners as well as for WBC participants (in spite of the fact that they were published on the website).   We did not feel we received an award as we got them outside the ballroom area.  And the winners list will be available only after a couple of days more, not on the day itself.  We did not get to see who were the winners at all!

I still brag about our Silver Achievement Award  J but some of our colleagues don’t even know what it means. But “silver” sounds good (to me! )

Response from Sue Bowler:
Keep on bragging Lia, winning a Silver Award is fantastic! This means that Team Brazil's Sculpture achieved an overall score of between 70-79%! The award scheme gives everyone competing at WBC the opportunity to be recognised for their work and to attain an award that can be shown with pride and used to promote a business rather than just recognition to the top 3 scoring entries... everyone can be an award winner at WBC!

Did you do any sort of press release when you returned home from WBC?
No.  Just bragging about in my Facebook profile and in my page GBAlmanac – Global Balloon Almanac as our friends from Brazil were eager to know if we have received any award. And the others did the same discreetly.

What advice would you offer someone who is considering competing in the future?
Proper planning and prep work is the key of course for any project. 
But COMMITMENT (not to get distracted from the main objective – that is – to be amongst the winners!) is of utmost importance too.
We worked 27 hours non-stop, eating pizza and doughnuts whilst working.

Pizza time!

 Team members.

Finally, what was your WBC 2014 highlight… this can be your favourite class, party, competitions… 
I love the rock hands made during Eve Antonello’s and Silvia Santos’ class for the costume party! (yeah, they sure rock!)

'Rock Hands' designed by Alexandra Ventura of Pacha Balloon Creations , and re-created by  Eve Antonello, Silvia Santos and delegates for the WBC Rocks the World Party.

Once you start competing, we feel we need to do it again …. And again! J

The lovely Lia Palka with Treb Heining.

Kind regards and lots of hugs from Brazil,

A huge thank you to both Teri and Lia for sharing their WBC experience... I am looking forward to sharing a few more competitors stories over the next week and I am sure like me you will find each story very heart warming... there is something very special about the friendships and camaraderie that is built during this magical time!

Happy Ballooning!



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Hi Lia and Sue this is Luiz Carlos here.
Thanks for all the kind words about our work.

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Congratulations Luiz and Team Brazil!

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É muito bom se sentir representado.Torcemos como se estivéssemos aí.Team Brazil \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/ \0/

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