Friday, April 25, 2014

Zany Zebra Party Animal - a quick and easy design that is perfect for children and children's parties!

I love to create something that takes me only a matter of a few minutes to make! 

This adorable Zebra took me less than 5 minutes and by using the Premium Balloon Accessories Candy Bouquet weight at the base we can truly add value to our design. 

Simply fill the weight with sweets and candy and we have now created the perfect gift or party favour!

Zany Zebra Party Animal - design created by Sue Bowler CBA


1 x Candy Bouquet weight - this a Premium Balloon Accessories product that can be purchased through balloon & party wholesalers (sold in packs of 10 units).
1 x Candy Connector - also a Premium Balloon Accessories product (sold in packs of 250).
          10 x 5” Black latex balloons
2 x 260Q White balloons
          1 x 12” Zebra print Quick-Link
        1 x 9” Zany Zebra Microfoil Balloon 
1 x 160Q for tying purposes (scraps work well).

1. Fill the Candy Bouquet weight with wrapped sweets.

2. Secure a Candy Connector to the lid of the Candy Bouquet weight.

3. Create a 4-balloon cluster using the 5” Black balloons, size to approx. 3”

4. Secure the cluster to the Candy Connector. 

5. Inflate the 12” Zebra print Quick Link to approx. 8” and secure to the cluster.

6. Create an even smaller 4-balloon cluster using the 5” Black and secure to the ‘link’ at the top of the Zebra print balloon, if you know how to split a 5” into 2 bubbles that makes the perfect size.

7. To make the arms, first make 2 x Apple Twists using 2 x 5” Black balloons and secure the twists with a 160Q balloon scrap that is long enough to attach the ’hand’ to the 260Q White. 

8. Now part inflate the 260Q White and secure the 5” ‘hands’ to the knotted end. Once you have made both arms decide how long they need to be and adjust the length so that they are both the same.

9. Inflate and heat seal the Zebra head, again attach a small scrap of 160Q that you can use to attach the head to the body.
         ( If you are unsure how to heat seal a balloon just check out my earlier blog:)
10. Once you have added the head, you can add the arms, the easiest way to do this is to tie both arms together and leave a little stretch between them so that you can easy pull them into the cluster and they sit neatly on each side.

For more details on the Candy Bouquet weights and your nearest suppliers just visit

And of course you can make a whole range of Party Animal by using the complete range of Qualatex animal heads and co-ordinating latex balloons!

Contented Cow #41802

Jolly Giraffe # 41790

Zany Zebra # 41805

Hilarious Horse # 41796

Playful Pig # 41799

Mischievous Monkey # 41793

Tickled Tiger # 41808

I hope you enjoy making this fun, easy design and please let me know what you customers think of them as I believe  that they will be a good seller!

Happy Ballooning!


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