Thursday, May 29, 2014

Have you got World Cup fever?

Soccer Buddy by Sue Bowler CBA

The days are counting down to the 2014 World Cup and although I am not a particular fan of football/soccer I know that it will become a huge part of our lives for the next month or so!

Soccer Buddy created by
Sue Bowler CBA
So in true sporting spirit I decided to have a little play with a selection of soccer balloons including the 22" Soccer Ball Bubble # 19064  and the 22" England shirt # 25973 and created a couple of Football Buddies, England supporters of course!

England Football Buddy by
Sue Bowler CBA

All these designs are based around the same few balloons, the only difference is the Soccer Bubble and the England Shirt, that I used for the bodies! I have used 2 different heads, the simple version to use a Qualatex 18" Smile Face Microfoil balloon and an 11" Blush Latex, which I added a face to! All the designs are completely air-filled!

9" Soccer Ball # 98439
18" Soccer Ball # 71597

I am loving the 9" Soccer Ball Microfoil balloons that my England Football Buddie is holding! These will be perfect for sporting centrepieces too!

To download the recipe to make a Soccer Buddy just visit Sue's Recipes! 

I asked Luc Bertrand CBA, Waw Balloons, Belgium what types of decor he is making for the World Cup season and of course he is supporting the Belgium 'Red Devils'! Luc has created some fantastic ideas, using a variety of Qualatex balloons including Quick Links and Starpoints to create different decor ideas representing his countries flag, football and of course the 'Red Devils' theme!

World Cup Soccer Design idea by Luc Bertrand CBA, WAW Balloons, Belgium

Here are some more great ideas:

Super Soccer Column - to download the recipe visit
And finally, this great display was designed by Cam Woody CBA of Pioneer Balloon Company.
Cam has created a range of fantastic decor that includes the beautiful balloon wall using the fabulous Copacabana Accent Pattern Foil # 65822 with 20" Emerald Green Starpoints... love it!

So make sure that you join in with the World Cup fever, I am looking forward to seeing some awesome designs posted on the Qualatex Facebook groups over the coming weeks!

Happy Ballooning!


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