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Creating Air-Filled Arches and Columns using the AeroPole System™

Classic Decor is the foundation of balloon decorating and the art of balloon decorating started with  Garlands, Arches, Swags and Columns. It was actually Treb Heining (co inventor of the AeroPole System™) who pioneered the balloon decorating industry, using balloons for the first time on mass in the late 70's to transform large spaces using Classic Decor to decorate parties, corporate events and election campaigns! 

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Photograph courtesy of Balloons & Party
Last week I had the opportunity to work with the new AeroPole System™ during a Classic Balloon Decor class that I was teaching in the UK and was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use! 

The kit comprises of 6 poles that have a 4" attachment that allows them to interlock with each other one starter pole, and two x 24" base plates with AeroPole System Pins.

Putting the AeroPole together is simple, but just take a quick look at the clip below to ensure that you do it correctly.

In the class that I taught we chose to make a smaller arch (see below) and used 5 of the poles instead of 7, this allowed us to create a 25' arch that ended up being 15' wide and 10' tall once we inserted the completed arch into the bases. We used 190 x 11" Qualatex balloons inflated to 9" and the result was perfect! 

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Air-Filled arch made by delegates on the Classic Decor course, Nottingham, UK.

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The arch design that we made was very simple, but very effective and made even simpler by using  Ken Stillman's of Balloon Master - Balloons Tools

Here is another beautifully decorated room using the AeroPole System.

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Balloon Decor by Balloon & Party

The AeroPole System works well with all sizes of balloons, Treb suggests that creating an arch with 5" balloons would work very well for events in smaller room, where larger balloons would be too overpowering.

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The great thing about the AeroPole System is that is allows us to make some stunning multiple arches, just check out the installation suggestions as shown below.

By adding extra base plate pins- multiple AeroPoles can be attached to one base plate.This allows you to do continuous arches with fewer base plates.

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This picture illustrates how a double arch would look from the base.

Another great idea using the AeroPole system is to make these awesome air-filled columns and add a 3' column topper! Wow, these are great, they have so much impact and have such great movement in the wind!

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I think that the AeroPole System™ is perfect for any event decorator, it will allow you to build amazing air-filled balloon decor very quickly with the knowledge that it is going to survive!

If you would like to learn how to create some exciting arch patterns you should check out a previous blog that I wrote that shows you how to use Ken Stillman of Balloon Masters - Balloon Tools. 

Classic Balloon Decor - a balloon decorators building blocks

To find out more about the AeroPole System™ and where you can purchase it just click HERE

Happy Ballooning!


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