Monday, June 30, 2014

Part 2. The AeroPole™ System - some great tips from balloon expert David Taylor CBA

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Dave Taylor - Mad Balloons, Sydney, Australia
This arch was created using 16” balloons and was commissioned by a local radio station, this arch used the complete 7 pole arch kit.
The AEROPOLE system is designed predominantly for large, often outdoor events.  Don't try and squish it into a small entry.  A four pole arch does put considerable stress on the poles, so don't do anything smaller.

When you have finished installing the AEROPOLE make sure you go and explain the system to your client.  Tell them that the system is brand new and is designed to be flexible, and give it a shake so they can see.  If you don't explain it you will likely get a panicked call from your client soon after exclaiming that your arch is "collapsing!"  If you think about it, they are used to seeing rigid frame arches, so how do they know about this new system unless you tell them.  Also they will be highly impressed that you have all the 'state of the art' equipment and technology.

The Very Best Balloon Blog
This arch was made for the opening of a newly refurbished Dick Smith store.
 It used 6 poles.

It is easy to build the AEROPOLE arches on the ground and then install them.  No need to be on ladders to get to the top of the arch.  However many shopping centre floors etc are very dirty.  Take a small step ladder or crate with you to rest the frame on while you add balloons.  This will keep it off the ground and keep it looking pristine when you erect it.  Nothing looks worse than static cling dirt on your balloons.

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The red white and blue is an air filled quick links tunnel arch. David replicated the teams jersey design in the side of the arch.  They wanted it for their players to run through so they could introduce them to the adoring fans.  This was all air filled in windy location and could only be achieved by using 2 aeropole systems.

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Ever had the issue of discovering the top balloon of the arch has deflated after you have packed up your ladder.  So you get the ladder out, inflate one balloon, put the ladder in place, climb the ladder, replace balloon - hassle.  AEROPOLE is flexible.  Simply start at a point you can reach and walk your hands along the arch and pull it down towards you as you go.  By doing this you can reach any balloon on the arch.  Easy fix.

When you put the poles together make sure you tape them diagonally across the join.  You don't need much tape, only 15-20cm or so.  Taping across the joint on the diagonal, gives you maximum traction, and strength.  Use a quality gaffer tape.  It is a bit more expensive, but it will give you peace of mind.  Definitely do not use the stretchy tape or electrical tape if your arch is out in the elements.

A flatbed trolley is the best way to move the base plates from your vehicle to the installation point.  However we all know that this is not always possible.  Make sure you take a pair of workmans gloves with you when you have to carry the base plates, to avoid blisters. 
The Very Best Balloon Blog
This is the Alberto Falcone inspired arch with polka dot quick links wrapping around it.

I keep the poles in the case that they came in and I plug the pins into the top of two of the poles.  They are a snug fit and it means that whenever you take your poles of job site, you can be guaranteed to have the pins as well.

David Taylor

A huge thank you to David for sharing his great 'AeroPole' tips, I really love the Alberto Falcone inspired arch with the Big Polka Dot Quick Links, it's so different!

Happy Ballooning!



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