Monday, June 9, 2014

The Spring Contest... and the winners are!

101 fantastic designs were entered into our recent Facebook Qualatex Spring Deliveries & Balloon Gifts Contest!

For a design to qualify, balloon artists from all over the World were invited to submit a design or designs created by themselves that was inspired by 'Spring'. The design had to be given a creative name and the balloons used within the design had to be Qualatex.

1st Place Winner

'Spring is coming',
 by Colin Stewart of Stewarts Baskets and Balloons, Canada.
As with all contests there is an overall winner... the 'Best in Show'! Colin Stewarts stunning Butterfly sculpture is the worthy recipient of this award!

Colin's design is Classic Balloon Decor at it's best! Colin has created this beautiful air-filled Butterfly as a showpiece to highlight a spring theme in one of the many stores that he regularly decorates.
Colin's work is very precise with all his balloons perfectly sized, the colours that he has chosen to use are bright and vibrant, using the darker at the centre to create a strong focal point and bringing the lighter to the outer edge. His design demonstrates great rhythm as well as perfect unity, both the proportion and scale are perfect for it's surrounding!
Congratulations Colin on a truly great design!

Best Arrangement

"Fly to the Sky" Hanging Balloon decoration, by Brenda Rosendahl, Crearose, Netherlands.

The winner of the Best Arrangement category is Brenda Rosendahl of Crearose, Netherlands.
Brenda created this stunning hanging balloon design that was inspired from the Qualatex Leaves Flower Double Bubble balloon. Brenda very cleverly added some fantastic accent detail that transformed the bubble into this fantastic decor! It is very evident that Brenda understands the elements and principles of design, she creates an elegant line that flows through the arrangement ensuring that the bubble remains the main focal point, with her accent detail in perfect proportion! Fantastic use of colour & texture, this design also demonstrates perfect harmony!
Congratulations Brenda, your design is sublime!

Best Decor

'Primavera' by Gina's Balloon Decor, Puerto Rico.
PRIMAVERA - Tiempo en que el color verde vuelve a hacerse parte del paisaje y en que las flores nos muestran su mejor color. La primavera me inspira, a hacer muchas flores, y a llenarlas con mucho amor!
Our Best Decor winner is Gina of Gina's Balloon Decor, Puerto Rico. Gina's entry is this awesome 'Primavera' entrance arch, full of colour, fun and texture! Gina's arch has been created by using a mass of Qualatex 260Q balloons on an arch frame to create the greenery with the addition of many beautiful 'twisted' flowers. This arch not only creates a stunning entrance but will have the added benefit of movement when the breeze catches the balloons!

People's Choice Award

"Viva la Primavera" by DPeck Eventos, Dominican Replublic
With 268 'likes' - the People's Choice Award was given to the design that received the most 'likes' by our Qualatex Group members but had not won in any of the other contest categories. Congratulations to DPeck Eventos, for their beautiful 'Spring Flower' basket arrangement.

QBN Award
'Lovely Easter Flower' by Yves Germain, Matouvu Henin Beaumont, France

Our final award category is the QBN Award. Entries from QBN members and CBA's can only be considered for this award. Our CBA winner is Yves Germain of Matouvu Henin Beaumont, France.

Yves design uses the lovely 'Spring Bunnies & Flowers' Bubble balloon as his main focal point and then cleverly brings elements such as the easter eggs and flowers featured within the design of the balloon into his arrangement! The positioning of each element is very clever as Yves creates beautiful lines and rhythm as you look at his design! 
This is a truly stunning design, congratulations Yves!

Choosing the winning designs is never easy and our team of judges had a very hard task!

Here are some of the other fantastic entries, we would like to thank everyone who took part in the contest!

Happy Ballooning!