Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Air-Filled Funky Monkey Step-by-Step Design

Taking less than 10 minutes to make, this is a great design for retail, delivery and decor too! Standing over 3ft tall (1m) this monkey is perfect for a variety of occasions by simply adding additional balloons which we will look at after we have learnt to make this 'cheeky chappy'.

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Funky Monkey Balloon Sculpture by Sue Bowler CBA

Material List - all balloons used are Qualatex 

4 x 11"      Green Rainbow SuperAgate #91539
8 x 5"        Chocolate Brown  #68776
1 x 12"      Mocha Brown Quick Link #99869
2 x 260Q   Mocha Brown #99383
1 x 35"      Mischievous Monkey #40197

Weight for the base

Step 1: Inflate 4 x 11" Green SuperAgates to approx. 8" and create a 4-balloon cluster.
Step 2: Inflate 4 x 5" Chocolate Brown to approx. 4" and create a 4-balloon cluster and secure this to the base cluster. 
Step 3: Add a weight into the base cluster, as this design is all air-filled it needs a good size weight to create stability within the design.
Step 4: Inflate the 12" Mocha Brown Quick Link to approx. 9.5"-10" and secure this to the base clusters.
Step 5: Inflate 4 x 5" Chocolate Brown to approx. 3.5" and create a 4-balloon cluster. Secure this cluster to the top of the Quick Link, using the link as your fixing point.
Step 6: Inflate the Mischievous Monkey balloon with air, using a scrap of a 160Q or a 260Q roll the neck of the balloon and use this to secure the Monkey head to the top cluster, make sure that it is pulled in nice and tightly.
Step 7: Inflate the 260Q's with 4 pumps of a hand pump. At the knotted end, create a 4 finger bubble, then a loop twist to create the Monkey's hand, repeat with the second 260Q to create the second hand/arm.
Step 8. Adjust the length of the arms to the desired length, knot and remove any excess air, but leave enough of the scrap balloon to enable you to tie both of the arms together leaving a little stretch between to allow you to slid these into position.

That's all there is to this great design!

So now we can add more balloons and make it suitable for different occasions!

How about a small bouquet of 160Q flowers! Very bright and cheerful, this would bring a smile to anyone's face!

The Very Best Balloon Blog
Funky Monkey Balloon Sculpture by Sue Bowler CBA

Add a bouquet of balloons!

Mischievous Monkey 11" Latex # 49276

Add this lovely 'Get Well Monkeys' for the perfect get well tonic!
# 66090 

Change the flowers for hearts and add the 'Happy Love Day Monkey's' balloon for the perfect Valentines gift!
# 21839

Just by using a few balloons you can create this perfect balloon gift for different occasions and it will add value to your design too! 

Have fun and Happy Ballooning!

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