Monday, August 25, 2014

Part 2 The Beginners Guide to Elements & Principles of Design - Line

Last week I posted part 1 of this new series of beginners guides to Elements and Principles of Designs, just in case you missed it you can click HERE for a link, it's all about colour!

Today I want to look at 'LINE' and how it plays an important role within our designs. I think many of us just make our decor like an arch or column without ever considering why we do what we do, but hopefully once you start to understand a little more about 'E & P's', you will  be able to use these to maximise the impact of your work!

Line is the outline of your design or arrangement- triangular, circular, curved etc. it also refers to the lines within you design. Greater impact is created by creating lines of movement with the design that you are making. Lines create paths for your eyes to follow. The direction of those lines lead to and from the focal point. 

Lines can work in different ways;

 Vertical - creates drama and impact.
 Horizontal - represents tranquility
 Diagonal - expresses uncertainty
 Curved - reflecting grace.

Lines are created by using like material normally of the same colour and sometimes graduated in size which are positioned to create rhythmic paths.

Lets look at LINE within a selection of designs:

The Very Best Balloon Blog

Many people make spiral garland arches, the positioning of the spirals are really important, let me show you what I mean...

Air Filled Arch created using the AeroPole System, image courtesy of Balloons & Party.

This arch has a purpose, it frames the entrance to this marquee... for me it's saying 'here is where the party starts'! Look at the spiral, where is the focal point? The focal point is right in the centre of the arch, which is positioned at the centre of the entrance of the marquee, so not only does it tell you here's is the party, it guides you directly to the entrance, the lime green balloons in the centre act like an arrow pointing downwards! I love this arch and the vibrant colours!

Now consider this, if the spiral of the garland started at one end and finished at the other, yes it would show you that there is something going on but it would not guide you to the entrance! Your eyes follow the lines created by a spiral so be careful that you don't lead people away from the focal point!

Spirals play a very important part of design, so when making a spiral decide what the purpose of that spiral is... maybe you don't always need to create a spiral but instead another pattern that sends a different message?

Design by Luc Bertrand, Fiona Fisher and Colin Myles on behalf of Qualatex.

This beautiful arch was created by Luc Bertrand CBA, Fiona Fisher CBA and Colin Myles CBA using the AeroPole System. It frames the entrance of this hotel beautifully! It is truly setting the scene for a fun party indicated by the colours of the balloons being used!

Here is another design that shows  the use of line at it's very best! This design was created by Mala Salakas CBA. Mala uses 160Q balloons to create a line that connects the base of her design to the top of the design. The line has perfect visual movement and makes the design visually very exciting.

Design by Mala Salakas CBA

So whether an arch, column, heart or centrepiece consider the lines that you are creating when you are making it, what is the purpose of the decor that you are making, or how can you maximise the visual impact using line?

Happy Ballooning!

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