Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photographs Q & A with Sue Bowler, Eleonore Verfaillie and Susan Fleming.

Photographs are a very big and important part of the balloon industry, we need them to inspire our customers, but what are the rules, especially when we are new or unfamiliar with social media etiquette.

In this blog we would like to try and answer some of the many questions regarding the use of photographs, the difference between someone taking a picture versus someone sharing a picture on social media sites and the rules regarding the use of Qualatex pictures and images.

Here is a short video clip that will hopefully answer a few of these questions.

So here are a few points to remember:

If you are posting pictures of your work and designs on Facebook, Pinterest or your website, we strongly recommend that you watermark these with your company name and website address. To learn more about how to do this you can refer to my blog 'How to create a simple logo and watermark'. 

If you like to post pictures immediately from your smart phones make sure that you have an App that allows you to watermark your pictures before you post them, here are a few that I found that are free and highly rated.

Phonto - Text on Image

eZy Watermark Lite

Remember, only watermark photographs of your work and not other pictures and designs that you find on the internet.

If someone takes a picture or photo from your Facebook page and claims it to be their own, you can report them to Facebook, if someone shares one of your pictures and credits you for the work, this is OK, sharing is a good thing and helps to promote you and your business!

Remember that it is the picture that has the copyright, so if someone takes a picture of your work and shows it, that does not break the same intellectual property rule.

There are a number of different sources for Qualatex Images and designs.

As a QBN member you are entitled to use any of the images that are in the QBN Resources centre on the Qualatex website.

Business Boosters on the Qualatex website are available to everyone, but remember that each category also has a QBN members area which is exclusive to members only. You can enlarge the images and download these, but you must not remove the Qualatex logo.

These are the designs that are currently available in the Baby Decor Ideas, under each picture it gives you the option to enlarge the photo and also gives you the instructions on how to make the design.

It's a boy! Great design to promote to your customers!

At the back of every Balloon IMAGES magazine there is a 'Balloons to Go' section with a great selection of designs perfect for your Idea's book.

On the Qualatex website there is a Balloons Ideas section, these are great for your ideas books and website but not suitable for enlarging for printing. ON the reverse side it gives you the product list and a job cost form so that you can work out your selling price!

If you find pricing difficult I have written 2 blogs on this subject...

Pricing for Profit

How much should I charge for that

Don't forget to use Pinterest to create a selection of Idea's boards to show your clients, these can be made up of your own work as well as re-pins from other boards and try out the new Pinterest messages facility to show your customers ideas as you find them, it proves to them that their event or wedding is important to you and that you want to find the right decor for them!

We hope that you find the information in this blog useful.

Once again I would like to thank both Eleonore and Susan for their input and expertise in this subject.

Happy Ballooning!


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