Friday, December 19, 2014

Be ready for the BIG job! The Design! Part 3/3

The Design!

So finally the design. Last year the theme for this Christmas event was not Christmas but all the glamour of Hollywood...“A Night at the Oscars”! No helium balloons (what a relief as this would just be added complication especially during set-up) so all the balloons are air-filled! 

I would like to talk about how I started my design process for last years centrepieces.

I always start with ‘Google’ and do an image search. This will give me lot’s of ideas to work with; however, Pinterest is also a really great source of inspiration too!

Then I create an ‘Inspiration’ mood board, using as many or as few ideas that I believe will help me to create the perfect design that fits the client's requirements. If you are using Pinterest for your inspiration, you can create your own 'secret' boards to store ideas on.

"A Night at the Oscars" evokes a sense of glitter and glamour, movies, clapperboards and film reels. Working with the colours red, gold, silver and black!

Now I expect that some of you do not really believe that I do all this research before I start ‘creating’, believe me I do, I will not even touch a balloon until I have got some idea of how the design will look, even if it’s a sketch or something a little more computer-generated, like the design on the right.

This technique is good enough to show a client so that they can get an idea of what you're thinking about, rather than you making up many different options, and all this ‘costs’ is a little bit of your time on your computer, with only a few very basic computer skills required!

I have used this technique for presenting my designs to clients with great success!

I hope that you have found this blog useful? I know that planning for the BIG jobs has lots of factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Happy Ballooning!


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