Monday, December 1, 2014

Matt & Celini McKinney tell us how using the AeroPole System has saved them Thousands of Dollars!

Balloon Arch by Balloon & Party Events, California
Everyone's talking about the AeroPole System and how easy it is to use with fantastic results every time! No more risks of 'failed' Arches due to insufficient floating time or bad weather bashing them to the ground!
Matt & Celini McKinney of Balloon & Party Events, California, are great advocates of the AeroPole System, and they have very kindly agreed to share their experience working with it.
Balloon Arch by Balloon & Party Events, California

"Our balloon business has run much easier since investing in the AeroPole System. Now we can create ‘helium looking’ Arches that last longer and hold up better, even in the wind and the rain. The AeroPole System is a real time-saver; allowing us to book more jobs simultaneously. Because we can pre-inflate and build the modules ahead of time, we can transport and set-up more events on the day of the event. Assembly is so fast, our clients marvel at how their events comes alive almost instantly.  We rarely sell helium-filled Arches anymore and have saved thousands of dollars on helium costs. Thousands!"

Balloon Arch by Balloon & Party Events, California
In the past, especially when helium was in short supply, we had to construct frames made from EMT (Electrical Metal Tubing). Bending EMT was not an easy task; rarely did both sides of the Arch look even. But the look of an AeroPole Arch is clean and natural, whether it's indoors or out. Unlike a helium Arch, where wind and rain can easily send it to the ground, an AeroPole Arch holds up great against the adverse effects of weather. It’ll sway (like a helium-filled Arch), but it won’t blow over.

Balloon Arch by Balloon & Party Events, California
Another nice thing about the AeroPole System is its ease of use. The AeroPoles come in 5' lengths, providing us the flexibility to design in 5’ or 10’ modules. We like the convenience of pre-inflating the balloons and building directly onto the poles. Once at the job site, we connect the modules using Gaffers tape, lift it up and put it in place onto the pins of the base plates (no need to tighten any screws) – instant Arch in less than 10 minutes.

Balloon Arch by Balloon & Party Events, California

Balloon Arch by Balloon & Party Events, California
"After the jobs are done, the AeroPoles are compact, lightweight and can easily be stored together in a very small area. We just love using the AeroPole System. We now own 4 sets and wouldn’t want to be without them".

Matt & Celini McKinney started as professional balloon decorators in 1988 while operating separate companies. After their marriage in 2005, Matt & Celini combined their design and artistic talents to create, an Orange County balloon decoration company.

For nearly 25 years, Certified Balloon Artists® Matt & Celini have designed custom balloon Decor, Arches,  Columns, and delivered  for nearly every event type, theme, or party plan. Their unique ability to combine other design elements with their balloon creations is remarkable. Clients continually rave about their balloon decorations because of their attention to detail, inherent dependability and conscientious professionalism.

A huge "thank you" to Celine and Matt for sharing their experiences working with the AeroPole System. I am also very excited to be using this system for a few event jobs this Christmas. The cost saving on the helium is huge; and those savings alone will go a long way towards covering the cost of buying the system, giving me great profit all the way plus the knowledge that my Arches will last and look great is very reassuring.

Happy Ballooning!



Mia said...

How long until you take down the arch? 1 day after the event?

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Unknown said...

Where do you purchase the aero poles? What type of base plates do you use?