Friday, February 27, 2015

Part 1. Sport is officially everywhere giving balloon professionals some great decor opportunities!

As a nation we are surrounded by sport, sport related activities, sporting events and global sporting occasions. 

I asked industry professional's David Taylor and David Saker to share their personal experiences working on large sporting events. 

David Taylor - Mad Balloons, Sydney, Australia.
What could be more impressive than a 17m Arch greeting supporters as they arrive at the sports stadium!

Our first big arch was for the season opener on 15 Feb. We also did one for the A-League (soccer/football) Grand Final.  It was ordered by FFA and they wanted both teams colours in it.  

If any of the blog readers can get in touch with the World Cup organisers and present this idea to them, there is some serious dollars to be made.  Having both teams colours as team fans approach the ground is a huge plus.  
Make sure you build your arches tough though because if the wind gets up, you will want to hang onto your hats.  I have been making this type of arch for three years now and have only had one blown to pieces on an extremely windy day in September 2013. 
I use Qualatex 16” helium filled balloons in the centre, as I want maximum lift for the duration of the event.  I usually have to leave 90 minutes before gates open. Then the game starts 3 hours later – more if there is a supporters promotion on.  By the time I return to collect the arch it is usually 5+ hours since installation, and the elements can have a big impact of the ability of the arch to support itself.
My arches are 17 metres in length and just between me and you, so they are a great earner.  
Anyway,  I hope that the images and the info helps you.  Go Wallabies!!

A Little about David Taylor.

David has been successfully operating MAD Balloons in Sydney, Australia for more than 20 years, and has built the reputation as one of Sydney's best corporate balloon decor providers. With his innovative designs and a host of loyal clients, David's enthusiasm and passion for balloons has grown and maintained his company success. 

Coming soon! Part 2 of this Sporting Events blog features David Saker's experience working on the World Badminton finals and race start arches.

Happy Ballooning!


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