Thursday, March 12, 2015

Elegant or fun, there is alway's something perfect for Mother's Day.

How we present our balloon's to our customer's can make the difference between selling a single balloon versus a complete design. Here are a few ideas that are perfect for Mother's Day!

'I Love you M♡M' says it all, add it to an arrangement of 'Smile Face Flowers' and we have a wonderful gift!

This design was very simple to make. I found a range of lovely inexpensive tin jugs at my local floral wholesaler and simply secured a 'cup' from a Cup and Stick inside the jug - I used the stick to make the stems of the Smile Face Flowers and use these to secure the design in place. The vase can be filled with treats such as sweets and candy.

This design is very elegant using the 'To a Wonderful Mum Cupcake' 18" # 90585 . The addition of the precision bubbles and bow around the edge of the balloon really make a lovely finishing touch and also add's value to this design.

U.S Patent No. 6,782,675

I love this Frog design! I first saw it at the World Balloon Convention in 2014 in the Welcome Centre, it was created by Cam Woody and I could not wait to have the opportunity to make it myself!

Standing over 1m/3ft tall this design is big and fun, and is perfect for so many occasions. I simply added a twisted rose and the 'Wonderful Mother Spring Garden' Bubble to create this "Little Toad" Mother's Day delight! ('Little Toad' being a positive term of endearment for a mischievous child).

32" Funny Frog #16124 
22" Bubble - Wonderful Mother Spring Garden #11538

Rachel Ellen - I love you M()M Flowers. #90593 & #78282

I love Rachel Ellen balloons and the 'I love you M()M' is just lovely! Once again I created a complete gift by filling a vase with twisted 160Q rose's and added a 9" Air-filled and an 18" helium filled balloons! Don't forget to tell your customer's that the 9" balloon's last forever!

Who could resist this super cute Smile Face character using the Contempt Daisies latex print #41873 with the Mother's Day Contempt Daisies Microfoil® balloon. Pairing a Microfoil® balloon with it's coordinating latex balloon creates a designs that shows perfect unity.

I love love love this new Beaming Bee special shape Microfoil® balloon #11577. It will work perfectly in bouquets for so many different occasions! I loved adding it to my arrangement that featured the 'I Love You M♡M Butterfly # 11842 with the bouquet being held by another very cute Smile Face character.

And finally, here's a recipe for a design that I made for a previous Mother's Day campaign, you can find it by visiting Sue's Recipes.

Happy Ballooning & Happy Mother's Day too!


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