Monday, April 13, 2015

Part 2. Working with Colour Trends - Shades of Blue

Let's look at what other colours are 'hot' for 2015?

Pantone® has released their top colours for the spring season and have chosen the theme
  "En Plien Air" ("in the open air").

Cool, refreshing and calming shades of blue will be trending this season with Aquamarine topping the charts!

Blue is a very popular colour combination for many different occasions, some of the more obvious ones being the celebration of a new baby boy, male birthdays, "Under the Sea" theme parties and of course the famous "Tiffany" theme...

U.S. Patent No. 6,758,715

Let's now look at each of the Pantone® 'Shades of Blue' in a little more detail.

Aquamarine is described by Pantone® as "cool and calming, ethereal Aquamarine is a shade with a wet and watery feel. Open and expansive, this restful blue also acts as a stress reducer".

Design by Sue Bowler CBA

I made this design a few years ago; I named it 'SPLASH'. The thought behind this design was to create a sense of water splashing out of a container. I used an assortment of shades of blue to create this watery effect!

I really enjoy working with colour and it was great fun creating many different shades of blue using the custom colour technique of double stuffing one balloon inside another to create a new colour! 

Design by Sue Bowler CBA

Here is a photograph of the complete design with the addition of the 'Delightful Dolphin' shape (# 29338). The dolphins were positioned so that they looked as if they were jumping through the water; this is probably one of my favourite designs. 

Scuba Blue is described as "an invigorating Turquoise". It conveys a sense of carefree playfulness. 

Fantasy Flower design by Kaori Makino of Pukapuka Balloon, Japan.

This stunning 'Fantasy Flower' bouquet was created by Kaori Makino of Pukapuka Balloon, Japan.  Kaori uses Pearl Teal to create the focal flower in her bouquet and compliments it with flowers made in a variety of shades of green and blue. For me this bouquet evokes a sense of exotic with the feeling of tropical.

Reliable and thoughtful, Classic Blue inspires calm, confidence and harmony.

Elena Girardi of 

Elena has created this elegant wedding decor using a combination of white with Sapphire Blue Qualatex® balloons. Darker colours are not so easy to work with when creating wedding decor, but Elena has used the colour well and has not allowed the blue to dominate the overall appearance of the decor.

Be prepared for blue weddings this year, Blue is a popular wedding colour trend around the world.
Design Credits:
Sugarbelle Cakes

In the next part of this 'Working with Colour Trends' blog, I will be looking at some fantastic 'hot' colours that will be influencing our decor this year!

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Happy Ballooning!



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