Friday, May 22, 2015

Flower Power!

Design by Sue Bowler CBA

Floral based designs are synonymous with seasonal occasions such as Mother's Day and Valentines. They can be used for many other occasions too such as 'Get Well' or 'You're the Best', or they can be used to decorate summer parties, creating a wonderful array of ballooning floral treats!

Qualatex® has so many beautiful balloons that we can work with to create many varying types of flowers. 

From Big Polka Dots to Agates, Geo Blossoms® and Hearts, not to mention all the Q's too... look at the amazing flowers that Carolynn Hayman of POP! Designs & Creations has made using 160Q & 260Q balloons!

Beautiful 'twisted' flowers by Carolynn Hayman, POP! Designs & Creations.

Tropical Flowers by Sue Bowler CBA

I loved creating these Tropical Flowers for the Slovenia Event  2013. They were very tall and elegant and a little bit different from the usual shape flowers.
Flower Arch made by delegates at Balloonland 2015. This arch was made by a group of very talented delegates at Balloonland 2015, they worked together to create an array of exciting and fun elements that made up this fun and very colourful Garden Arch!

Corporate Party designed by Sue Bowler CBA

Flowers can be used to create elegant centrepiece designs too! I loved creating these Edelweiss for a Corporate Christmas party last year.

Qualatex® have some great Instruction sheets available giving full instructions on how to make a fantastic range of designs! I have selected a few of my favourite, all you have to do is simply click on the link that I have created on each of the designs and it will take you directly to the right place to enable you to download the PDF.


lowemagic said...

Thanks Sue; these are great!

Unknown said...

These are stunning party decoration ideas! Thanks for sharing. Well, I am looking for some company holiday party ideas. So please share decoration ideas for the corporate parties!