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Part 3. Working with Colour Trends - Strawberries & Tangerine, a fresh trend for summer 2015!

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Ooh, what a wonderful and exciting colour combination! Strawberry Ice, delicate, warm, and appealing combined with energising and fun Tangerine!

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These two don't instantly appear to be a match made in heaven but when put together they look awesome! We have some great balloon colours that we can work with to achieve this fresh look!

Here are some fantastic designs ideas working with this fabulous colour palette!

Exciting designs created for the NEW Wedding Series 3 Course which is currently being developed for late 2015/ early 2016 - designers are
 Jose Luthman CBA, Enza Mondello CBA & Sue Bowler CBA.

Eduard Groeneveld of a-ballonnen, Netherlands created this stunning balloon decor. Eduard used 3' Qualatex® balloons and worked closely with a Florist and Event Planner to create this overall look! 

I recently created the centrepiece design using the beautiful new Wedding Butterfly (#17091) gently floating just above the elegant column base. The soft tones of the Silver and White featured in the Butterfly balloon and in the base are complimented with a hint of the accent colours pink and peach, which have been made from tiny bubbles positioned at the top and the base of the column. One of my favourite new custom colours that I created for this design was using 5" Coral balloons inside 5" Pearl Pink balloons, a very yummy colour!

When creating designs for weddings, you need to think about using soft pearl tones to keep the designs elegant, soft and romantic... everything a wedding should be!

Centrepiece design by Sue Bowler CBA
U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675
I used on-trend Qualatex Coral 5" balloons for my 'Mr & Mrs with Filgree' centrepiece design featured on the right. It was important for me that I kept the delicate soft pearl tones as this complimented the Pearl Silver and Pearl White balloons that I also used in this design. To achieve this, I put a 5" Silver balloon over the 5" Coral balloon, thus giving a very soft silvery tone to the Coral balloons. This worked perfectly, complimenting the Silver on the Mr & Mrs Entwined Hearts Microfoil® balloon (#25317) that I put inside the 24" Fancy Filigree Deco Bubble (#13693).

Laura Vernis of Penguins, Barcelona loves to work with the latest colour trends, and looking at some of her recent decor you can see how well this colour combination works together! 

Strawberry Ice & Tangerine Decor by Penguins, Barcelona
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For more great ideas and inspiration don't forget to check out the Colourama by Qualatex Pinterest board!

I look forward to seeing lots of exciting decor created with these beautiful trending colours.

Happy Ballooning!


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