Thursday, June 11, 2015

Create a fantastic finale to any event with a balloon drop!

We all know that balloons make an event or celebration special and there is nothing quite as magical as balloons cascading over a dance floor or filling an arena at a concert!

RELI-A-DROP is a balloon drop net system created by Colin Stewart CBA of Stewart's Baskets and Balloons. 15 years ago, after a problematic and disappointing experience with a purchased drop net, Colin decided that if he wanted to be assured of a 100% success rate with his balloon drops then he should make his own. Colin's #1 criteria was to install a pre-check system into all of his nets to allow users to check that the net will open when the release line is pulled.

I recently met up with Colin whilst he was on a working tour of the UK and Ireland to talk about the RELI-A-DROP system in greater detail.

Below is a step-by-step video clip that will guide you through the steps to create a perfect balloon drop.

Colin's nets are re-usable, as long as they have not been damaged, making them unreliable to work with.  However it is important that you learn how to re-sew the net with a dissolving chain stitch. I have done a little research on how to sew nets and everything that I have read suggests that you need to practise this stitch (until you can do it in your sleep). Personally, I would include the cost of net into my job so that I can always start with a fresh and reliable net every time.

I have always thought that preparing and rigging a balloon drop would be something that only the 'specialist' could do, but since seeing Colin's demonstration and watching the video clip it has certainly reassured me that it would be something that I could easily do myself!

For more information download this great flyer, simply click HERE

Happy Balloon Drops!


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