Wednesday, July 15, 2015

An interview with Brazilian Balloon Artist Luiz Carlos Da Costa Silva of Cenário Balões.

Last month I was very excited to make my first trip to Brasil to spend a week working with Team Pioneer Brasil at their Head Office in Jundiai. During my visit I had the opportunity to visit Cenário Balões and to meet up with owners Luiz Carlos Da Costa Silva and his wife Rosana along with their very talented team at their amazing facility in Sao Paulo!
Giant Teddy Bear by Cenário Balões

Cenário Balões was founded in 2002. Luiz was already involved in the party sector, renting out bouncy castles for children's parties and decided to include balloons as part of their service. But after attending his first basic balloon course he discovered his passion for balloons and decided to make them his main business.

Party Decor by Cenário Balões

When I arrived at Cenário Balões,  I was greeted by a fabulous 10' Teddy Bear,  two fantastic Toy Soldiers and a delightful Toy Car, along with mountains of prepared columns for the following day's event! 
Apparently, this is quite normal at Cenário Balões, as all decor created by Luiz and his crew is fully prepared at the warehouse and transported ready to go to the event site.

I asked Luiz what kind of occasions and clients do does he typically work with?
'We are dedicated to private parties, mainly high-end children's parties for children aged between 01-05 years old.  Our clients like classical themes like Disney and Superhero's. Also themes like under the sea, "little farm" and Safari are really common'.
Castle by Cenário Balões
When you see the fabulous range of amazing decor that Cenário Balões creates you can easily see that Luiz himself  is very creative. I asked Luiz what inspires him?
'My inspiration comes from nature (fauna, flora, ocean) and also great constructions and monuments (towers, castles, houses, bridges)'.

In 13 years, Cenário Balões has grown into a very established and successful company. I asked Luiz what would he suggest was the key to his success?
'From the moment we started, we built a brand that was strong and that was recognised by the excellence of our work. We built a website that we have improved over the years. We never stopped investing in training and we are always active on social media networks. We participate at fairs, we advertise in magazines and keep good relations and partnerships with other professionals in the same sector of high-end children parties, (photographers, party planners, DJ's, cake designers, theatrical acts, children shows and many venues). 
Eiffel Tower Entrance Decor by Cenário Balões
From all the experience that you have gained from growing Cenário Balões, what top tips would you give to someone starting their balloon decorating business?
'Face this activity as a real business and not just a hobby. Create within your financial possibilities, an adequate structure to answer (serve) your clients the best way possible. Educate yourself to execute high level jobs and value your business. We believe that Balloon Art is a highly sophisticated product, when you take into account it's capability to customise each event, making them exclusive'.
Here are a few vital points to initiate your business:
  • Know who your client is. To whom you wish to sell your services;
  • Know what makes your company stand out;
  • Know how to establish your pricing;
  • Do market research;
  • Always work ethically. 
 'There is a verse from a poem by Mario Quintana, a Brazilian poet. It translates really well the way that we understand the word marketing:
'The secret is not to run after butterflies. It's to take good care of your garden so that they can come to you'.
'Our best advertising is to always make our work stand out. When we deliver a high-end job, this gives us more publicity and the client becomes our biggest promotor. The partnership with other professionals in the sector also brings us great results'.

Frozen Theme Party by Cenário Balões
You have been selected as the designer/ decorator for the World Balloon Convention 2016 Final Night Gala Party, how did you feel when you found out that you had been chosen?
'I was extremely excited! It's a great opportunity to make another dream come true in the balloon world'.
How will you plan for this project?
'We have already created sketch of the project. This shows the main characteristics, the outstanding use of latex balloons, something that is intimately linked to our history in this business. We are planning a site visit later this year, this will allow us to get to know the event site and check all the possibilities that the place has to offer. 
What do you feel you will gain from doing this?
'I am sure that this job will bring us great benefits. Increase our reputation, our knowledge and open many doors to new business. We will use all the resources at our hands to broadcast  this event to the highest possible number of people we can, especially to opinion leaders and potential clients'.

Luiz with one of his amazing character sculptures.

Do you believe that education is important to the growth and improved professionalism of this country?
'No Doubt! Only education is capable of promoting real transformation. Ignorance about the market, about some techniques and mainly about management, are the biggest factors to becoming unsuccessful in the balloon world. Searching quality information is fundamental to people who desire to stand out and keep a sustainable business for a long time.
Disseminate a culture of great customer serve, quality service, good financial management and ethical behaviour are the best ways to grow on the market'.
Why do you prefer to use Qualatex balloons to create your decor?

House by Cenário Balões
'Because they are the best balloons in the world. When you create a new structure you need to trust your materials and your balloons. Qualatex meets my expectations perfectly and guarantee the perfect results for our creations.  
Qualatex balloons are always perfect, with colours, forms, size and texture, this gives me the opportunity to create any structure that I want'.

Minnie Mouse Entrance Arch by Cenário Balões
It was a truly great experience and pleasure to meet up with Luiz, Rosana and their team at their facility in Sao Paulo.  It was exciting to see where and how they work. Their huge warehouse filled with the magic of balloons and beautiful balloon art, all ready and prepared for the next day's events. 
Speaking with Luiz, I see a man filled with passion for balloons and the balloon industry and his passion is truly infectious! 

Sue, Luiz and Rosana
Don't forget that if you are attending the World Balloon Convention 2016 in New Orleans, ensure that you schedule in time to work with our wonderful Event decorators who will be creating magical decor for the Welcome Festivities, the Thursday night Mardi Gras Costume Party and the final night Masquerade Grand Gala. Working with any of these designers will be a truly great experience, giving you the opportunity to learn firsthand how to work on a grand scale event!

Happy Ballooning!



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