Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dolce Vita, Italian style… now that’s Amore - BACI 2015!

Designer: Barbara Biagioni CBA

This year 2015 Balloon Arts Convention Italy saw a return to Florence, the amazing home of Renaissance Art and of course balloons too, to celebrate it's 23rd year of this world renowned balloon art convention. 

With it's unique Italian style, this event was filled with a fantastic range of classes, and included the introduction of a number of new and very popular business classes.

Competitions are always a major part of BACI and this year saw the return of the Medium Sculpture category, bringing new challenges to the competitors.

Designer: Carlo Vavenotti, CBA
With the 'theme' Love, we were certainly treated to some truly stunning competition entries, with each designer interpreting the theme in very different ways!

Here is a short video from this year's BACI, that captures the spirit of this great event. From the opening ceremony to the competitions, the classes and of course the gala party decor and festivities! 

To see more great pictures and video's from this event visit the BACI 2015 FOTOGALLERY. The photographs and videos in this gallery were taken by a group of very talented photographic students from The Darkroom, a school of professional photography based in Florence, Italy.

BACI along with Balloon Express SRL has played a huge part in the meteoric growth of the Italian balloon industry and the outstanding success of Italian balloon artists.

Federico Onida CBA, one of Italy's top balloon artists, believes that BACI has played a very important role in his own personal development and success. Last year Federico was awarded Master Designer and New Artist of the Year at the 2014 World Balloon Convention. 

My first experience with Balloons came about in 1996. I was an entertainer and I used to make all the classic traditional little sculptures with one 260Q.
 I was introduced to the great world of Balloon Art and sculptures after meeting Balloon Express in 1999. I was invited to attend BACI. I didn’t exactly know what it was and what to expected from this kind of event. 
I can’t forget how I was impressed and surprised to see all the balloon sculptures there were behind the reception front desk. 
There was an amazing fantasy flower composition on the counter and I can perfectly remember my feeling: I could not believe what kind of things could be created just with balloons. Because of that, I was determined to learn everything, to improve my knowledge, to enhance my skills.  
Since that inspiration, I have regularly attended "Balloon Art Convention Italy" courses in Florence. 
I have focused my passion on two goals. On the one hand: creating totally new sculptures, designs, techniques and reproducing real things with balloons. On the other hand: opening a retailer shop, Balloon Express Shop, in my city. 
BACI, Roberta Tincani, Jack Lever and their team, and the Instructors I’ve met over the past 15 years have helped me to realise everything. 
BACI allows me to discover and realise my true passion through the classes; gives me the chance to practice Balloon Art by participating in the competitions; equipment and knowledge to create my own business; and, finally, opportunities to show and share my dreams, ideas and designs with other Balloon Artist by teaching in Italy and around the world. 
You can also find some of these pros in other conventions, but BACI has the Italian Style, its own way to show and tell stories, arts, passion and people. In the end it means an original way to add details, to use colours, to create shapes and you can see and learn it just by living BACI.
Federico Onida CBA, Balloon Express Shop, Cagliari, Italy.

As with all creative industries education and learning play a huge part in our development and growth. It's not simply about learning a few new design ideas or techniques. Business and marketing skills are also a key element of all Qualatex run events. And of course networking, sharing experiences and making new friends allows us to create our own support network that lasts long after the training is over.

There are many great education opportunities around the world. I am very excited that I will be part of the forthcoming US Qualatex Tour, that will be visiting 15 locations around the US! If you have not checked out the tour schedule yet just click HERE! For other Worldwide training opportunities check out the Qualatex Shows and Events page on the Qualatex website and for training around Europe click HERE. And of course we have the World Balloon Convention next year in New Orleans that will be truly amazing and one of the very best learning opportunities!

Happy Ballooning and hope to see you soon!


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