Friday, August 28, 2015

A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words!

Smile Face

A smile may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes, it seems as though its value is so much more. A simple smile creates its own message without words. In many cases, the smile takes on a specific meaning because of the surroundings or situation in which it occurs. A quote from My Well-Being Presented by Humana 

Smile Face is probably one of the happiest and most versatile balloons that were ever made. It's certainly one of my favourites. I have been using it and its variations in my designs for many years!

There are many occasions that it could be used for;
  • Feel Better soon 
  • Thinking of You
  • Let's Celebrate
  • Happy Birthday
  • To Cheer You
  • New Baby
  • Christening or Communion 

And I am sure that there are more occasions that you can think of too!

At Qualatex®, we have such a fabulous range of Smile Face balloons to choose from, making it so easy for us to create fun, unique, exciting and of course sellable designs!

A few of the wonderful Smile Face balloons in the Qualatex range!

Here are a few of my 'Smile Face' creations, that can be adapted to suit so many different occasions!

Smile Face for Birthdays!

Sue Bowler CBA - The Very Best Balloon Blog
40 Brilliant Star #24170
U.S. Patent No. 6,782,675

This is such a great design. We have so many great Qualatex Bubble Balloons that we can work with to create the body and the message for our design, including these fantastic Milestone/Age balloons. 

I made a similar design for Valentine's Day using a Qualatex Deco Bubble for the body. Here is an easy to follow video clip that will show you how to use either a Deco Bubble or Bubble balloon to make these truly cute 'Bubble Guys'. Simply coordinate the balloons to suit the occasion that you are making the design for.

Funny Face Flower

Design created by Sue Bowler CBA
Funny Face Flower #18052/ #15384
U.S Patent No. 6,782,675

This design is made in a very similar way to the 'Bubble Guy'. By using bigger clusters at the base and two Deco Bubbles rather than one for the body, we can create a design that has greater impact and is perfect for room decor. 

Smiley Flower!
Design created by Sue Bowler CBA
I love this design! It's simple but so effective! The flower is made from helium filled 16" Smile Face latex balloons, remember to use Hi-Float to extend the floating time! The clusters in the centre (on both sides), are 5" latex balloons sized to 4.5" and 3". The flower is secured to a weighted base using a nylon monofilament line (which you cannot see). I then added 350Q for the stems from the base to the flower, securing the stem to the monofilament line at the midway point. I then added a few 160Q Green and Lime Green balloons to create leaves. This design can be recommended for a high impact delivery or for decor.

Smile Face Arch!

Smile Face Arch Designed by Sue Bowler CBA

What better way to make everyone feel happy and welcome when they arrive at the party! This Smile Face arch is fun, vibrant and extremely welcoming!

For this arch I have used a combination of 16" and 3' Smile Face latex balloons. The 3' balloon in the centre creates the perfect focal point. I added a hat and nose to this balloon for extra detail.

Naughty Smile & A Kiss Guy
Design by Sue Bowler CBA

Who can resist a 'Naughty Smile & A Kiss'? A super design for Valentine's Day! Ready for collection or delivery, this design takes less than 10 minutes to make!

Once again you can easy convert this design to suit any occasion. 

I have included the recipe below along with a job cost form so that you can work out how much you should be selling a design like this for.

If you are unsure how to job cost your work check out my blog - How much should I charge for that... how to price your work!

To Download this instruction sheet visit Sue's Recipes
Design ideas for working with these fabulous balloons are endless. I found this great design by Luc Bertrand CBA. Luc has created a wonderful little character design using Qualatex Taper balloons for the main body and arms.
To download Luc's recipe click here

I love this 'Bouncing Buddy'! This would make a great delivery design and bring a big smile to its recipient!

To download instructions for this great design

If you are ever looking for inspiration for your shop window then why not fill it with 'SMILES'! Using Latex, Microfoil® and Bubble Balloons®, you could display a range of different 'Smile Face' characters and wait and see the reaction that you get from your customers. I am sure that you will bring a little extra happiness to their day!

Happy Ballooning!


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