Monday, August 24, 2015

Market Your Business with a Stylised Photo shoot

Stylised Shoots have become a very popular trend over the past few years. They are great for showing off your style and creative ideas.  Not only are they great for marketing your business, but they are also a great way to network with venues.

Often a venue will give you very good rates on a room hire if you book the room on a day when it is rarely uses, or if you offer to give them free use of your photographs to promote their venue… there are always deals to be struck! 

Stylised shoots are your chance to create that beautiful event you have only ever dreamed of decorating. Make sure you hire a good photographer for the day or if you're on a very tight budget, find a group of local amateur photographers who would be willing to take photographs to gain experience and add to their portfolios!

Elegant tulle covered 3' latex balloon with vintage flowers
Balloon by Jacqui Young
Class Touch Balloons, Wishaw, Scotland

The stunning 3' balloon featured in this photograph is the work of Jacqui Young of Class Touch Balloons, Wishaw, Scotland. It was part of a stylised photo-shoot commissioned by the Scottish Wedding Directory.  Jacqui has worked with the Scottish Wedding directory since it's launch in 1996. 

Jacqui explains: ' I have always worked closely with them on photo shoots. Initially my business was in bridal and bridal accessories. I make tiaras and jewellery. I also did venue decor for weddings and parties. When I was expecting my son in 2002 I closed my shop to work from home with the balloons and tiaras. I then got a "proper job" still within the bridal industry until 2011. I didn't like the lack of freedom in my job so I started working with my husband who makes celebration cakes. I now concentrate on my balloon business which works well with his cakes. Throughout all of the changes I always kept in touch with the guys at the wedding directory and they are always willing to help. I get to use the photos as long as SWD are credited with the photography.They are always open to ideas and have already approached me to do another shoot with balloons in the near future. I Cant wait'!

Lifestyle Shots

Having photographs that show balloons in action, is another great way to market your decor to your customers. Remember we don't sell balloons; we sell the fun and excitement that balloons bring to an event or party!

Classic Balloon Decor Course - Design by Luc Bertrand, CBA

There are a number of Qualatex one day courses in Europe and U.S. that offer portfolio quality photographs in digital format to compliment the designs taught. This is a fantastic bonus as it gives delegates the opportunity to start marketing the designs as soon as they return to their businesses!

To find out more about these classes click HERE for Europe and HERE for the US. 

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And don't forget, Qualatex often has competitions in which they ask for you to submit your very best photographs! You never know—a good photo of your work could land on the cover of Balloon Images magazine, or in the annual Qualatex calendar! So, keep this in mind when you’re taking photos. 

Happy Ballooning!


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Unknown said...

hello sue. A beautiful picture of this 3ft balloon. Customers ask us often for balloons with tulle. In this picture, the decoration is air-filled and not with helium I suppose ?What kind of tule is being used that is big for over a 3ft balloon? Is it correct if I say that this is not possible with helium ? That the tule is too heavy?
But people see this at pinterest and then it is a pity that we have to tell them that that can't be done with a helium balloon.
Maybe you have some ideas for us . greeting Oda Enjoy feestballonshop Gulpen , the Netherlands