Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A little last-minute inspiration for Halloween!

For many party retailers, Halloween is their biggest and often their most profitable seasonal celebration.  So let's make sure we all take this opportunity to maximise our own sales potential!

Hopefully by now you will have decided on a range of "To Go" designs to sell over the Halloween period. Halloween falls on a Saturday, so be prepared for an exceptionally busy day!

If you have a shop or store, do you have an inspiring window display? Window displays are such an important part of any retail business! Every display needs to tell a story and make passers-by stop, look and take notice. Most importantly, it needs to create a desire to buy!

This Ralph Lauren window shows the fun and excitement of Halloween but still shows off an eye-catching range of children's clothing suitable for the time of year!


Have you checked out the great resources that Qualatex® has available?

This great poster is available free to download from the Qualatex Autumn Business Booster! Plus, there are some inspiring Bouquet and Decor Ideas. If you are a QBN member, don't forget to check out the exclusive member's area too, as there is a fantastic step-by-step recipe to create a giant Quick Link Spider!

We also have a great Halloween Pinterest board, packed with fantastic "ghoulish" ideas!

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the new Halloween balloons and love, love, love them!

One of my favourite balloons this season is the 24" Spider Web Deco Bubble (#17392). This is a versatile balloon that can be used for a number of different occasions, such as children's parties. I would love to use this balloon to create an autumnal centrepiece!

For this design I created three very simple spiders.

For each spider I used:
1 x 5" Spider Eyes TopPrint (#67017)
1 x 5" Onyx Black (#43548)
4 x 160Q Onyx Black (#43907)

The top spider was attached to the Bubble with a tiny strip of Balloon Bond® on each of the legs.

The spider immediately under the Bubble was secured as Duplet, and then the legs were twisted in and positioned.

The Bubble is helium-filled and attached to a lightweight monofilament line, so the balloon appears suspended in the air.

And finally, at the base, I created another spider that is secured to a weight.

You may have noticed the little spiders on the Bubble itself. These are made from vinyl that I printed on my Silhouette Cameo!

Fiona Fisher, CBA has created a great Halloween Scary Spider centrepiece. To download this step-by-step recipe click HERE!


Here is a little more inspiration for Halloween!

This R.I.P Tombstone works well on a pedestal base or as a column topper! 

Here is a design that I made last year using the Jack O' Lantern Bubble Balloon®.

I love the vibrancy of this balloon. For me, it looks like it has a light in it!

To download the recipes for this design and the R.I.P Column featured above, visit the Qualatex Autumn Business Booster.

To see the complete range for the Halloween season, you can view and download the Qualatex catalogues online. Please note that the balloon range can vary from country to country. To view the catalogue, click HERE.

Wishing you a very successful and profitable Halloween!  Keep posting photographs of your wonderful designs on the Qualatex Facebook Groups!

Happy Ballooning!