Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adding those little finishing touches to wedding decor!

I recently had the honour of decorating a wedding where the charisma and personalities of the bride & groom oozed from every corner of the room. Their love of traveling was reflected on each table showing a different photograph of their travels to faraway places, as was their enjoyment of fun and games  through the "guest book" written on wooden Jenga pieces! Every part of the wedding had their personalities stamped all over it, and for me it showed that a great deal of thought and love had gone into planning their very special day!

Finishing touches can really make a difference, they add the personal touches to a wedding and we can do the same when we create our decor!

Here are a few ideas that you can use to add that little extra touch when decorating weddings and other elegant events!

One of my first tips would be to find out what flowers will be featured at the wedding. Even though the wedding reception may be predominantly balloon decor, there will still be some flowers such as the bridal bouquet. I love to use silk flower heads to add that little finishing touch to wedding decor.

For me, balloons at a traditional wedding should be elegant and soft and not bold and over-bearing. If a colour is to be used, then it should be added carefully into the decor to ensure that decor remains elegant and graceful.

Adding the wedding colour to the decor at the wedding that I decorated was easy on this occasion. The bride had selected white roses and blue delphiniums for her bouquet. Shades of blue is one of this year's top fashion colour combinations and is very popular for weddings. I believe that this trend will extend through to 2016 too!

For more ideas working with this great colour trend, check out my blog: 

Part 2. Working with Colour Trends - Shades of Blue

Silk Delphinium Flower.
The flower heads are easy to remove and use individually.
Creating ribbons with flowers is a beautiful way to introduce colour into your decor. Each Qualatex® Bubble Balloon® that I used had a hand-made floral satin ribbon attached below the base cluster. I secured each flower to the ribbon using a low temperature glue gun.

For the base of my centrepieces I wanted to create something that I believed would reflect the personalities of the Bride & Groom. 

I used very simple glass vases and filled them with more Delphinium flower heads and tiny Pearl Sapphire Blue bubbles that I created from the tips of Qualatex® 260Q balloons! Tip: When I made the bubbles, I placed them in a plastic bag that I sprayed with balloon shine. This removed the static from the bubbles and gave them a lovely shiny colour! These stayed beautifully 'fresh' and lasted over 1 week!

I expect that many of you have seen this design idea on Pinterest! Putting balloons with or near a wedding cake is no mean feat! I must admit that I was pretty concerned about doing this, more than any of the other decor that I created for this event... Why? 
Firstly, I had no idea how big the table would be. When we arrived at the venue the cake table was a small round table, which we had to get changed. I was also unsure how we would tether the balloons, not knowing if we would have to place weights on the table or if they could be dropped to the floor.

Not knowing if the weights would be 'featured' on the cake table, it was important that whatever I used was small and elegant! Fortunately, I resolved the weight issue quite easily.

Premium Balloon Accessories® produce a product called a Candy Bouquet Weight®. I already use these to make the base weight for personalised 9" balloons, which I will show you a little later in this blog. 

The blue weight was perfect for me to use. I filled each of the weights with water which was heavy enough to secure my 30" balloons to. I decorated each weight with ribbon and flowers which fitted in perfectly with the decor on the cake and on the base of each of the floating balloons. I made a ribbon loop at the top of the weight which made it easy to secure the balloons to! I decorated the base of each of the 30" Balloons with more Delphinium flower heads and some Sapphire Blue satin ribbons.

My final finish touch for this wedding was to create personalised balloons for each of the children at the wedding. This is a great way to distract the children from the other balloon decor and for me, I love to see the little 9" hearts placed at each of the children's place settings!

Personalising balloons really makes decor very special! I use a Silhouette Cameo for die-cutting. If you would like to know more, check out my blog 'Personalising balloons using a die-cutting machine'! Click HERE for a link to Part 1.

Here is one final shot of the main room with the centrepieces and personalised balloons! I used the panoramic facility on my Smartphone, which I felt helped to capture how elegant the balloons looked in this very historic room.

I hope that this has given you a little inspiration on how to make your wedding decor look very elegant and special. A wedding day is a day where memories are made and are remembered for all the right reasons!

Happy Ballooning!



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